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Speed ​​Skating World Cup: Men’s Team Pursuit, Chinese Team Won Gold Medal_Results

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Original title: Speed ​​Skating World Cup: Men’s Team Chase Chinese Team Won the Gold Medal

On November 21, Beijing time, the Norwegian stop of the Speed ​​Skating World Cup continued in Stavanger. The Chinese team has gained a lot in two team events, among which the men’s team chase won the first gold medal of the Chinese team in Norway with a time of 1:20.122.

According to the schedule, on the second day of the Norwegian stop of the Speed ​​Skating World Cup, there will be Group B women’s 500 meters (1), men’s 500 meters (1), and men’s 10,000 meters. Group A women’s 500 meters (1), men’s 500 meters (1), men’s 10,000 meters (1), men’s team pursuit race, women’s team pursuit race.

In the men’s team pursuit match, the Chinese team sent Wang Haotian, Lian Ziwen and Ning Zhongyan to play. In the end, the Chinese team won the first gold medal in Norway with a time of 1:20.122. The host Norway won the silver medal with a difference of 1:21.025 and 0.90 seconds, and the Polish team won the bronze medal with 1:21.250. .

The Polish team won the gold medal in the women’s team pursuit match with a score of 1:28.364. The Canadian team finished second with 1:28.547, and the Chinese team’s Zhang Lina, Jin Jingzhu and Li Qishi finished third with 1:28.574.

American Irene Jackson won his third victory this season in Stavanger, Norway, and continues to dominate the women’s 500m event in the ISU Speed ​​Skating World Cup. In the first race of the season in Poland, Irene Jackson won the 500m crown. This time in Norway, the American player finished the race in 37.60 seconds, but she was not satisfied with the result.

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“When I crossed the finish line, I was a little disappointed,” Jackson said. “It feels like this is not a solid game, and this time is not like the time to win. I didn’t expect this to be a championship result.”

Japanese player and 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic champion Nao Kodaira ranked second with a score of 37.708, while Poland’s Kaya Ziomek defeated Russia’s world champion Angelina Goli with a personal best of 37.746 seconds. Kova, on the podium.

Two Chinese players, Jin Jingzhu and Tian Ruining participated in the competition. Among them, Jin Jingzhu ranked 10th with a time of 38.309 seconds, and Tian Ruining ranked 14th with a time of 38.436 seconds.

In the men’s 500 meters, Canadian world champion Laurent Dubreuil won his first World Cup gold medal of the season with a time of 34.573 seconds, which is better than the Russian player Artem Arefiev’s 34.608. It was only 0.03 seconds faster. Polish skater Marek Kania secured a bronze medal with a time of 34.653 seconds.

Niels van der Pol of the Swedish team has achieved consecutive victories in the men’s long distance event. After winning the 5,000m race last weekend, he again won the 10,000m race. Van der Pol set a track record with a time of 12 minutes, 38 seconds and 928 seconds, and Jorit Bergsma of the Netherlands finished second with 12 minutes, 56 seconds and 088 seconds. Canada’s Ted Jane Blommon was on the podium for the second time in a row, with a score of 13:00.30.

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