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Spencer: “Thanks to the Dolomites but I wanted a new adventure”

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Wesley Spencer

The young ex Belluno chose Andreucci’s Clodiense and not the Dolomite fusion

In the summer, Antonio Andreucci himself called him. The Tuscan coach really wanted him in the new Clodiense and the courtship had the desired results. Wesley Spencer is preparing to experience another Serie D championship as a protagonist, but wearing a different jersey than the one that seemed more logical, that is the white of the Belluno Dolomites. It is in fact part of the series of new grafts of the lagoon team, which intends to aim high. After losing the playoff final against Arzignano, the grenades also look forward to the possibility of trying to win the championship, while not missing the competition. And a 2002 of value like Spencer is really comfortable.

The Dolomiti Bellunesi tried to convince him to be part of the new project, but being released, only the will of the boy counted.

«I have to be honest: Clodiense’s ambition was not decisive, because the Dolomites also have it. However, I had come to a moment in my life when I wanted to face a new experience. I thought for a long time with my family and we agreed on the right time for this to happen. I’m talking about living away from home, getting to know another environment and so on. Without neglecting my intention to continue my studies, compatibly with the various commitments ».

Spencer now lives in an apartment in Sottomarina and is beginning to know what his new environment is, even if the free time during the preparation is certainly not very much.

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«In the evening with teammates we like to take a walk to the sea, a few hundred meters away. I get along well with everyone and I’m happy to have chosen Chioggia ».

The Dolomites, however, wanted to bet on Spencer and how.

“Yes, right. And that flattered me, I don’t deny it. They have focused a lot on the issue of continuity and being able to grow alongside my teammates of recent years at Belluno. But precisely, I was curious about the different path to take. It will certainly have a certain effect when we play against in the league ».

Meanwhile Andreucci is studying a new role for him.

«He tries me as a full-back and I must say that it’s an interesting position, even if I have to perfect some movements. But the preparation is also useful for this ».


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