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Spezia-Sassuolo, Dionisi: “At the Picco looking for confirmations. Continuity is needed “

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Spezia-Sassuolo, Dionisi: “At the Picco looking for confirmations.  Continuity is needed “

The statements made at the press conference by the Sassuolo coach

“In Turin we performed well for good parts, we did well with Lecce and we have to look for confirmations.” Alessio said so Dionysuswho spoke at a press conference on the eve of the match against Spicescheduled for Saturday evening at the Stadium “Alberto Picco”. Several topics were dealt with by the technician of the Sassuolo: from the moment of his team, fresh from the victory won against Lecceat the possible landing in Nedim’s neroverde Eid. But not only…

“Playing together improves, we are only on the third day which already counts a lot. But we must not play with breath on our necks, nor with too high expectations. It is a team that is growing. We could have done better with Lecce, but we did a good one. performance and we won. Continuity would be very important. It won’t be easy because we will find an opponent who is even stronger at home. “her words.

THE DEFENCE –“Haven’t Sassuolo put in two consecutive clean sheets since December 2020? It depends on the episodes, on the attitudes. It will not be easy, it is not easy for anyone to try not to concede a goal for several games. For us it is very difficult. Last year we didn’t. we succeeded, let’s try this year. I don’t know if we will succeed, that is the will. We are also growing in the defensive phase but we know the qualities of the opponents, it will not be easy to come out with a positive result without conceding a goal. I remember the 2- 2 last year and we started from 2-0 for them and we must try not to repeat that mistake. “

SPICE – “He has even more weapons at home. It is an intense team that fights for every ball until the last. Then it has good players, of quality, who win duels. We must respect them and think of us, trying to impose ours. game even if it will not be easy. If the two close matches will influence the choices? Definitely on the choices of Tuesday, not on the choices of tomorrow. It is the only game we think about, the closest is the most important “.

SU MATHEUS HENRIQUE –“Matheus has the qualities to play in all areas of the midfield, maybe he needs more time. He already did the role of midfielder last year. Tomorrow he could play as starter. I have the possibility to choose in the middle of the pitch. . There are six players available, I’ll choose tomorrow. Ceide? We only played two games this year. He has already grown a lot compared to six months ago, he is more of a man too. He is very young, one of the youngest in the squad and must be accompanied , I don’t throw them in like that. But he will find space. He has quality in the last 30 meters, but the field is longer. He can grow. “

FROM PINAMONTI TO BAJRAMI –“With Pinamonti we felt to convey the idea that the environment has, in this case the coach on the player, the expectations. A phone call to give him confidence, then I won’t reveal the rest. If I would like to coach Bajrami again? Maybe someone will arrive, but today I only think of Spezia. Then if someone does arrive he will be well received. And he will have the qualities to be inside a squad that must grow. We are talking about a player who is not from Sassuolo, I coached him and it has qualities. But no player will be able to make me change my mind about the ones I have at my disposal, the system adapts to the qualities of those who are there and if someone arrives, it adapts to the qualities that are already there. “

KYRIAKOPOULOS –“Kyriakopoulos tall winger? I think he can fill that role too. Before arriving in Sassuolo he played there, perhaps starting a little lower. It is a situation that has arisen, last year it was the same, out of necessity . This year because I think we need balance and starting with little balance this team is unable to express itself. Plus if someone arrives Kyria will probably return to fill the role she always did “, concluded Dionisi.

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