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Sport Festival, first day with Jacobs, Buffon, Beamon and De Giorgi. Cairo: “Like an Olympic Village”

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Sport Festival, first day with Jacobs, Buffon, Beamon and De Giorgi.  Cairo: “Like an Olympic Village”

The president of Rcs MediaGroup: “Here beauty and passion, this city is pink”. 350 champions were present, 130 scheduled events: Buffon, Beamon and Jacobs on the first day

by our correspondents Stefano Arcobelli

Valerio Piccioni

Ovations for Marcel Jacobs, Gigi Buffon, Bob Beamon, Fefè De Giorgi. A grand opening in Trento, between authorities and champions, for the fifth edition of the Sport Festival which this year has as its title “Moments of glory”. The glory, as the claim says, belongs only to those who never give up. A record edition with 350 champions and 130 events. The president of the Province Maurizio Fugatti and the mayor of Trento Franco Ianeselli, the hosts of the sportiest province of Italy, immediately took turns on the stage. “There is a lot of excitement in the city, this city is pink, here there is beauty and passion”.


The president of RCS Mediagroup, Urbano Cairo, underlines the “incredible positivity, at the 10th Festival I would like honorary citizenship. It’s nice to come back to queue up to see the events, Trento when there is the Festival is a sort of Olympic Village, it’s a truly incredible thing. Sport is an example of how to behave, how to react, it is discipline, commitment, perseverance, Federer lost to Bonfiglio and then became the champion they know because he applied himself more, he never gave up, genius is the 10% the inspiration is 90 ”. Cairo then spoke of the General States of football on Saturday: “Italian football is in a moment of great difficulty, there are too many losses, the management is wrong and Covid has made the situation much worse, the States General will be used to understand where to go. , which path to take, football risks default if there is no different management. The moment is not easy ”. The president of RCS Mediagroup then adds: “We need to focus on young people, we in Turin are the second youngest team, young people are hungry, strong, they want to win and make progress, then we must also invest in those who educate young people, on who knows how to correct defects. Young people are fundamental ”.

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On stage, presented by Pierluigi Pardo and Federica Masolin, the director of the Gazzetta dello Sport, Stefano Barigelli, who spoke about the Gazzetta system, citing record numbers such as 120,000 digital subscribers, 20 million unique users, in second place among the best-selling newspapers. “Important numbers, I manage a great team, I am a coach who starts with an advantage. And with a great publisher the rest comes by itself. The sensitivity of the public has grown, Jacobs is a phenomenon apart, he is comparable to Ferrari: Jacobs and Tamberi with their gold have sold more copies of the Inter Scudetto ”.


Numbers that have gratified the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò: “We are returning from another great summer for Italian sport, and we are very proud of an initiative like the Festival that we have seen grow: the Gazzetta is the added value, it is something that gives further prestige and we give a fair contribution with our results. We are first in Europe, among the first nations in the world: Italy win because we have transformed our weaknesses into strengths, we try to be competitive in all disciplines, we win even with those you don’t expect. Trentino used to win Olympic golds only in cross-country skiing, if all regions were like Trentino we would win 200 gold medals. Trentino allowed us to win the Milan-Cortina Games. The Gazzetta must now help us to ensure that Italians can have more children ”. Luca Pancalli, president of the Paralympic committee, adds that “the attention to the Paralympic world has brought us luck, our world has exploded and the values ​​on the pitch are the same: the ability to give action that brings results, the possibility of giving everyone opportunities to play sports. The dream is to unite the Olympic and Paralympic committees “

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The president of Sport and Health, Vito Cozzoli, also spoke, talking about the objectives for an Italy that could have “more practitioners, more sports at school, more sports in all parts of the peninsula and at school, fewer mobile phones and more sports. The results have increased grassroots sport initiatives, with millions of children practicing the disciplines. The Festival is an extraordinary promotional event ”. Finally, the scientific director of the event, Gianni Valenti talks about the challenge “that we do to ourselves, and that we continue to win: the Festival has taken root, the rooms are all full and we try to give total coverage, this years we give even more attention to international football since Italy will not go to the World Cup ”.


Fabio Cannavaro is connected and told his first impressions as a Benevento technician, which is why he was unable to come to the Festival which, as the managing director of Trentino Marketing, Maurizio Rossino says, “involves an imposing organizational machine with 400 volunteers “. Trento is all pink.

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