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Sport Festival: Sacchi, Gullit and the great Milan

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Sport Festival: Sacchi, Gullit and the great Milan

The Dutchman, the former coach and Tassotti tell GB Olivero an unforgettable epic. Sacchi: “For us a victory without merit was not a victory. Copied everywhere but not in Italy”

From our correspondent Valerio Piccioni

What a couple. What football. And what Milan. Arrigo Sacchi and Ruud Gullit enchant the Teatro Sociale recalling the epic of the “strongest team in the world“. Starting with the way they met. “He made me run like crazy. After three days I went to the doctor …”. “But you know the physical he of him? He could run in a row for two whole days!”. Arrigo says again: “For us a victory without merit was not a victory. If they defended in 11, they could attack in 11. The first year we had 30 thousand subscribers, one season later the requests reached 75 thousand”.


The thing that explains it all, however, is one word: “internalization”. Sacchi uses it to illustrate the concept of team automatisms which at a certain point made the new solutions natural. Gullit makes it clearer: “But you know what? I had stopped for some time, it was Albertini’s farewell match. We played Milan-Barcelona and years later, we found ourselves attacking again, still feeling that internalization”. Fog and anger Gullit and Sacchi tell GB Olivero about the ride of the Champions Cup and the fog of Belgrade and that game in a poisonous atmosphere take over. “Donadoni had a serious problem falling – says Gullit – He could not stick his tongue out until the doctor intervened. In the interval, however, the announcer announced that he was better. The announcement was overwhelmed by whistles. crazy anger, in a second we wanted to start over, play and win “. “Galliani went into the locker room – Sacchi resumes – and told us: there are 120 thousand spectators. And Ruud asked: how many are there in general, 40 thousand? It means that 80 thousand have come for us, we cannot be afraid”. Every joke is applause and there is a special one for Mauro Tassotti, who before the start in the audience was literally assailed by a wave of selfies and requests for autographs. Sacchi talks about the Milan example, “copied all over the world but not in Italy where we are always at the” first don’t take them and then we’ll see “”. Gullit, on the other hand, tells of his great passion for Egypt, which he crossed the length and breadth of for three months to shoot a documentary. Even the “old” Ruud was full of interests. And Tassotti himself tells “when he disappeared to go to the cinema alone”. But the real movie was the Sunday one. And those who watched and those who played felt the same sensation: he was having fun.

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