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Sportec Solutions and Deltatre, agreement with MLS – Sport Marketing News

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Sportec Solutions and Deltatre, agreement with MLS – Sport Marketing News

The Major League Soccer announced an agreement with the company active in the field of sports technology Sportec Solutions e Delta tree for creating advanced data feeds from all MLS matches, with the aim of feeding the Season Pass MLS di Apple and the growth of the league on and off the pitch.

Sportec Solutions, the joint venture between Deltatre and German football league, will provide and integrate advanced real-time data collection, storage, analysis and distribution for MLS and its clubs, creating an unprecedented volume of data from every League, Leagues Cup and MLS NEXTPRO match. This cutting-edge data will provide more engaging insights to fans watching on MLS Season Pass, the new streaming service that launched earlier this month and is available globally on the Apple TV app.

The initiative builds on the global data distribution partnership MLS entered into with IMG Arena last year and will create a new system to capture and analyze data from MLS playing fields. For the 2023 season, MLS will have an unprecedented amount of data and statistics at its disposal, generated with the use of 12 next-generation 4K Tracab cameras, which will track the position of the players in real time from each stadium. This information will be analyzed in the cloud and then delivered to fans via MLS match broadcasts and to coaches who will have an unrivaled level of video and data to improve the capabilities of their players and club on the pitch. Img Arena will also distribute this data to media, technology and sports betting companies around the world.

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The partnership with Sportec Solutions and Deltatre will allow MLS to provide new stats and visualizations such as frontcourts, expected goals, player pace, match momentum, chances created, successful passes and shooting accuracy throughout the season. Additional new stats will be continuously developed throughout the season and presented to fans who watch matches on Apple’s MLS Season Pass. Deltatre will take care of producing advanced graphics and data visualizations to bring the collected statistics to the screen.

This new data system promotes MLS as the most innovative league in football. With the shared goal of integrating cutting-edge technological solutions and innovative applications, the MLS – Sportec Solutions partnership creates a deeper connection with fans by producing an unprecedented amount of data. There will be many elements that will contribute to making the experience of MLS fans better: from the complete analysis of players and teams made available to coaches and technical staff to the innovative forms of data visualization; from optical tracking that follows players on the pitch to advanced metrics that will be visible during match broadcasts.

The multi-year agreement with Sportec Solutions is the latest initiative by MLS Emerging Ventures, which builds strategic partnerships with the aim of continuing to grow the league’s fan base and engaging fans in new ways.

Major League Soccer continues to lead the way in using data and technology to positively enhance the fan experience by providing unique insights that bring fans closer to the game“, he has declared Chris SchlosserSVP MLS di Emerging Ventures. “The collaboration with Sportec Solutions and Deltatre will allow us to continue to push the accelerator using innovative technologies with an approach to data that looks to the future, with the ultimate goal of providing our supporters more inclined to use new technologies an experience completely new advanced.

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Having started our partnership with MLS in 2021, we are excited to expand the synergy and work in tandem with our subsidiary, Sportec Solutions, to deliver world-class data services for one of the most forward-thinking football leagues in the world, while start a new project with Apple TV“, he has declared Andrew Marini, CEO of Deltatre and member of the board of directors of Sportec Solutions. “At Deltatre, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enhance the fan experience and this agreement highlights our expertise, innovative approach and dedication to excellence”.

We are delighted to partner with MLS as the Official Data Provider for all competitions“, he has declared Christian HolzerManaging Director di Sportec Solutions. “It is for the quality of our data and our analytical capabilities that MLS has chosen us. We are excited to contribute to their growth by providing the league with complete control of their data and technology infrastructure”.

The announcement of the partnership between MLS and Sportec Solutions comes amid a period of great growth for soccer in North America, with the start of the 28th season of Major League Soccer and significant excitement for the 2026 World Cup hosted by the United States , Canada and Mexico.

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