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Sports articles, boom in searches on online marketplaces

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Weights from fitness, tracksuits, running shoes, have seen a multiplication of searches on Amazon by up to 60 times. It is the photograph that Witailer, company that helps Italian multinationals and brands to increase sales on the main online marketplaces, with a particular focus on Amazon – has taken a snapshot of the evolution of (online) interest in Italy in the last 12 months also in sports. Initially relating to more than 100 Witailer customer brands (with a cumulative turnover on the platform of over 350 million), the search was extended with “Witailer Intelligence”.

E-commerce in Italy

E-commerce in Italy has exceeded 33 million users in the last 12 months, with a growth rate of 26% and a market value that has exceeded 20 billion euros. Furthermore, 71% of Italians carry out an online search before buying a product, even if the purchase is made in a physical store. It must be said that the online sales growth process has certainly been speeded up since Covid-19 , but the growth of the past 12 months has accelerated a change already underway. So what to expect for the future? «By 2024 – replies Federico Salina, CEO of Witailer – there will be at least 40 million active users in online purchases, only in Italy ».




Interest in sport, alone or at home

In the fitness sector, there has been an important growth in equipment useful for training alone or at home which, in the case of fitness weights or running suits and shoes, have seen research multiplying by up to 60 times. In particular, searches for women’s racing suits grew 61 times, as did men’s searches, up 47 times.
The kit from runner it is then complemented by running shoes, which have seen searches increased by up to 12 times. Then there are the tools useful for those who are left without a gym in which to train, with searches for 5kg weights growing 53 times, as well as those for fitness weights, growing 42 times. The home gym kit closes with a 12-fold increase in gym mats, plus stationary bikes, with research growing 30-fold.
Even the world of winter sport However, it sees an increase in online interest, with snow sleds up 17 times and snow shoes up 10 times, a sign that winter sports continue to have appeal, even if Italians have had to rethink them compared to the past . Finally, searches for electric bikes are growing by 12 times, a sign that cycling, in all its forms, always attracts a large audience.

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