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Sports judge: Udinese-Salernitana 3-0 at table and a penalty point to the Campania region

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The empty Friuli stadium: Udinese – Salernitana was not played on 21 December

UDINE. Salernitana did not do everything possible and did not act with all possible precautions despite the two positive cases at Covid, to come to Udine to play the Serie A match (last 21 December last), the last round of group d ‘first leg against Udinese then loses that game 3-0 at the table. And also a penalty point for Campania.

This is, in essence, the decision taken on Tuesday 18 January by the sports judge Gerardo Mastrandrea who was called to discuss the match, the first of a long series, of the Serie A championship that was skipped on Christmas Eve.

As you will recall, the Campania region had reported a positivity to Covid, the Salerno health authority, had forbidden the team to arrive in Udine with a scheduled flight. In the face of other buffers, the morning of the match that had brought out another positivity, the team had therefore decided not to leave for Udine. The referee and the Udinese had presented themselves to Friuli and the match was therefore over sub judice pending the decisions of sports justice.


But for the sports judge, as explained in an articulated way in the sentence issued by the Lega Calcio, everything could have been avoided if the Campania region, as per protocol, had used a private flight. In a nutshell, the last of the class, they would not have done everything possible to come and play.

And now? The sports judge is clear: the fact is very different from that of the matches made then recover, after an appeal by the losing clubs, the last championship, namely the much talked about Juventus-Naples but also Lazio-Turin.

Salernitana, of course, will appeal, but in the meantime Udinese takes three points and therefore rises to 23 points in the standings. Pending that, in this case, it must be said, very different because in that case there was a prohibition by the Central Friuli health authority not to leave Friuli to a team with a cluster of infections, of the Fiorentina-Udinese match missed on 6 January.

The Bianconeri’s appeal to the other match is then pending before the sports judge, that of 9 January lost at home with Atalanta and that the League, with Cioffi’s team, with over 9 infected, “forced” to go to the field from Football League.

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