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Sportweek | Gallinari, “Scrooge without titles”

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Sportweek |  Gallinari, “Scrooge without titles”

The richest sportsman in Italian sport but without winning titles. It is Danilo Gallinari, as per the analysis of an editorial by Sportweek, the weekly magazine of the Gazzetta dello Sport. The 190 million dollars (gross) earned in his career by the current Boston Celtics player put him on the same level as Valentino Rossi (nine-time world champion in motorcycling) and as one who earned more as a sportsman than “Alberto Tomba, Fausto Coppi, Adriano Panatta and Paolo Rossi put together”. In his career, however, Gallinari has not won titles either at the time of Olimpia Milano or with the teams he played for in the NBA.

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