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Spotlights on Udinese: he goes to Salerno and referees the sprint for salvation

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Spotlights on Udinese: he goes to Salerno and referees the sprint for salvation
Cioffi and Walace: the coach on the bench and the Brazilian on the pitch will be protagonists of the match against Arechi

UDINE. It is perhaps the most difficult game to play. On a psychological level, there is no pressure on Udinese: he has been safe for some time, he had also done something good in the first part of last month – with the “hat trick” Cagliari, Venice and Empoli -, only to fall in a whole series of ups and downs, and in these conditions he could try to breathe his game to garner applause and acclaim.

The point is that on Sunday evening, at the Arechi stadium in Salerno, he will find himself involved in the battle for salvation: Davide Nicola is trying to pack the second feat after the one made in 2017 at the helm of Crotone, a run-up to avoid relegation that cannot fail to excite. even from the outside. Let alone from the inside, inside a packed stadium, with over 30,000 fans ready to push the grenades.

The scenery

Next to them – almost elbow to elbow, given that to satisfy the requests Salernitana has obtained a thousand more places from the guest sector – also 200 Friulian hearts who, in planning the away match, would never have imagined that Sunday is a game that counts for really for the hosts.

A turning point to which, ultimately, Udinese itself also contributed, in the first leg that was played just over a month ago, after a very long wait, thanks to Covid and the infections in the home grenade that caused the transfer to the stadium to be skipped. Friuli which was scheduled before Christmas.

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In recovery, Salernitana managed to win with a goal in full recovery from Verdi, after the useless assaults of Udinese who only won the (useless) game of ball possession and scoring chances. Since then Nicola’s team hasn’t lost anymore, collecting 9 points in 5 games.

With these points he was able to fuel the sprint to salvation, during which he lost a golden opportunity in the direct clash with Cagliari who was able to take the draw again thanks to a mistake from Perotti’s spot.

An important result that will also affect the evening, considering that with a draw, compared to a Cagliari victory in Venice, Salernitana would not be saved.

The choices

Moral of the story, the home team must aim for three points to hit the target without worrying about what will happen at the same time in the Lagoon. Udinese has the task of defending the fort, the fort of sportsmanship, avoiding distractions and attitudes that could raise doubts and unpleasant comments not only from Cagliari.

In the face of these arguments, it is clear that Mr. Cioffi must focus on the best Udinese from a technical-tactical point of view. With Silvestri offside for the operation that solved the inguinal hernia problem (in his place Padelli), Becao, Marì (not at best) and Nahuen Perez should play in defense.

In between Pereyra, Walace and Makengo with Molina and Udogie on the flanks to feed Deulofeu and Pussetto, given the continuing absence of Beto and Success in attack. With the substitutions he could also make his debut for the baby Simone Pafundi, the only 2006 class called by the coach Mancini for the blue stage which will start on Tuesday in Coverciano. But only after having “defended” sportsmanship.

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