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Staněk was shining, Hoftych was struggling with Škoda. The Cubist saw threefold

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Staněk was shining, Hoftych was struggling with Škoda.  The Cubist saw threefold

However, the home side were close to a goal, Viktoria goalkeeper Jindřich Staněk had to fumble a lot to keep a clean sheet for the first time this spring. “I don’t even know what we told him in the cabin, but of course he had important interventions. We’re glad he caught it,” Kalvach said.

In the very first minute, he survived an attack from the side by the extremely agile Vasil Kušej. “The stopper tipped it to the corner. I don’t even know if it would have gone into the goal, rather it would have been a bit short,” described Kušej. After the subsequent corner, Vojtěch Kubista headed wide of the goal. “He usually creates these situations, now he missed it,” Hoftych sighed.

“I wouldn’t say it’s (going into the match) those previous results. We focus on match by match. But when we enter the game like this, we make unnecessary mistakes and Bolka gets into trouble, it’s difficult to get out of it. We have to pay attention to it in the next matches,” commented Kalvach on the lackluster introduction of the guests.

Stanko’s lines? In the 21st minute, he took a shot from Tomáš Ladra, who shot at the back post from a turn. In the 57th minute, he pushed out Milan Škoda’s shot for a corner. In three minutes he neutralized Ondřej Karafiát’s header, in another minute he kicked an unpleasant Škoda shot with his foot.

Hoftych and his whole team could breathe a sigh of relief, the Boleslav strategist probably didn’t count so many opportunities against Pilsen in his coaching career. “I remember that in Liberec we played great against Pilsen and won 4:1, we scored three goals in the 30th minute. But it is true that Pilsen was KO after Alkmaar back then, it was in a different situation. I certainly don’t remember so many chances against such a concentrated and consolidated Pilsen,” reflected Hoftych, referring to the duel from August 2020, when Slovan took advantage of the disappointment of Pilsen (then under Adrian Guľa) from being eliminated from the preliminary round of the Champions League.

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But even the West Bohemians have developed dangerous shooting possibilities. Jan Sýkora’s hard attempt took Jan Šed to the corner, Tomáš Chorý finished off one of the defenders over the goal, Matěj Vydra’s header deflected the ball away on the goal line in the 69th minute by Martin Suchomel. In the end, the Boleslav defenders blocked several shots. “Especially at the end of the game, Plzeň pressed us a little bit, with centered balls it is often a matter of chance whether it ends there or not. I have to praise the entire defense, including the goalkeeper Šeda, he grabbed what he could,” said the Boleslav coach with satisfaction.

After a long time, he put forward Škoda in the starting line-up, during the first half they said something to each other a few times. Sometimes even quite emotionally. “I’ve known Milan since he was about twenty-three years old, when we were together at Bohemka. Sweet boy, sometimes too nice for my taste. The struggle was part of the fact that I was not satisfied with the number of fights I had not won. Milan, on the other hand, was not happy with me yelling at him. But I’m the head coach here. We already talked about it during the match, you could see that he got a healthy kick out of it. From about the 20th minute it was Milan Škoda, whom I remember from his best years, he helped us a lot. In the number of fights won, he even had two scoring chances. We were absolutely happy with him, it’s just a shame that he now has his fourth yellow. He proved that he can still be useful in league football,” Hoftych described.

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Škoda received a yellow card when he did not contain his emotions. Václav Jemelka knocked him down, but referee Ondřej Berka did not whistle a foul on the Boleslav striker. Škoda went to him and confronted him face to face.

Both teams were forced to alternate. Pilsen lost striker Tomáš Choré during the first half. “His knee hurts, we’ll see,” remarked the coach of the guests, Michal Bílek. Boleslav lost stopper Vojtěch Kubista at half-time, who collided hard with Rafiu Durosinmi’s head during the first half. He finished the last minutes of the first act with a bandage on his head, and after the break he was already on the pitch he did not enter.

“Hats off to him for hanging in there for about seven more minutes, then getting another load from Durosinmi. He said he saw three of us. He probably has a concussion, we didn’t want to risk it,” Hoftych informed.

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