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Staňko’s future in F2 is still uncertain. If I don’t race there next year, it’s the end of the F1 dream, he knows

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Staňko’s future in F2 is still uncertain.  If I don’t race there next year, it’s the end of the F1 dream, he knows

He admits that he and his team lost the most in the qualifiers compared to the competition. At the same time, he had to adapt to the length of races in F2. “They are longer and it’s very different to Formula 3. In F2, it’s more about tire management and also strategy because there’s a mandatory pit stop in the main race. So it’s also more about the team.”

The native of Valašské Meziříčí scored the most points in Monaco, where he finished seventh in the main race after starting from last place. “Sometimes the result doesn’t quite show what it really was. I would say that the best race for me this year was in Budapest, where unfortunately I broke it in qualifying and started last. But in the main race I was the fastest of all and finished 12th. I also had a good weekend at Monza, where I was in the points twice and I was third in qualifying.”

At the end of the season, Staněk got into financial problems and it was not clear whether he would finish the year. Therefore, he launched a crowdfunding campaign that helped him finish the season. “Crowdfunding helped me to go to the last race in Abu Dhabi. I really didn’t expect this kind of support from the fans and it means a lot to me. It’s unreal. We collected about 1.5 million crowns, which is a small amount in motorsport, but in normal life it is huge. Unfortunately, motorsport is really very financially demanding. Someone always has to pay for it and no one has unlimited resources,” says Staněk, whose career was supported by his father, but he no longer wants to continue it to such an extent.

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The future of the Czech pilot thus remains unclear. He himself says that continuing in F2 is realistic, however, everything depends on whether he manages to secure the budget.

“I really hope we can do it because if I stayed I would still be at Trident and I see huge potential there. A lot of people changed, new engineers will come and already in Abu Dhabi, even if the result didn’t show it, it worked better,” Staněk told Radiožurnál sport.

Photo: Archive of Roman Staňek

Roman Staněk in Formula 2

At the same time, post-season F2 tests are currently taking place in the Emirates, but without a Czech pilot. “I did not participate in the tests for financial reasons. In addition, there will be a new car in Formula 2 next year, and these tests are still running with the old one, so it made sense to save.”

However, Staněk is not yet thinking about participating in another racing series. “I don’t have a backup option. If I don’t race in Formula 2 next year, then for me it means the end of my dream of Formula 1. But I still believe that it will work out and I will fight for the title in F2 next year. The season ended on Sunday and I immediately started working on the next one, because I felt some deficiencies in myself both physically and mentally. Sometimes I drive too much on the edge and don’t take care of the tires as I should.”

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