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Stankovic at Sampdoria, only the announcement is missing: today the coach arrives in Genoa

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Stankovic at Sampdoria, only the announcement is missing: today the coach arrives in Genoa

Yesterday the Serbian stayed in a hotel in Milan, waiting for the OK to arrive from the Sampdoria headquarters on his arrival in the city. There was a need to clarify the complex question of the sustainability of the cost of hiring the new manager in relation to the financial situation of the club.

The official announcement will come shortly, but all the pieces of the complex mosaic linked to Dejan Stankovic’s engagement have now gone into place. Today the Serbian will finally arrive in Genoa, just over forty-eight hours after his debut on the bench on Saturday night in Bologna, and in the afternoon he will lead the first training session. Not an easy operation, the one linked to Stankovic’s membership, which has its own logic. The current Board of Directors, led by the president Marco Lanna, by the vice president Romei and by the advisors Bosco and Panconi – the latter with specific professional skills in the field of club accounts – must respect, not since yesterday, strict provisions as they are not allowed important budget differences, both due to the precarious state of health of the company, and because in a phase that could lead to the sale of Sampdoria, potential buyers must have a real picture of the situation in their hands. Therefore, any alteration of the same would not guarantee a real vision of the Sampdoria company numbers.


Specifically, the current Board of Directors had to formally take precautionary measures, before “authorizing” and formally saying yes to Stankovic’s engagement, that upstream there was the consent of the reference shareholder, that is the two Ferreros (Vanessa and Giorgio) owners of the club. Only in that case would the BoD itself have avoided a possible “liability action” against him, in the event of a dispute by whoever holds the ownership of the Sampdoria shares. A not secondary aspect, for four subjects who had said yes to take charge of Sampdoria on 27 December last, and who instead saw their complicated assignment prolonged well beyond what was lawful to foresee at the time. These, in more detail, are the bureaucratic delays linked to the current state of the club that have made the times of the white smoke expand.

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If anything, the continuing stalemate in negotiations for the sale of the company is starting to worry. Many rumors, but no binding offers submitted yet. Sampdoria needs in a short time an injection of liquidity that will allow, already on the January market, to strengthen the squad where Stankovic deems it necessary to intervene. But without new ownership, everything would inevitably become more complicated.

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