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Starting from the basketball rules themselves, the cognitive contradiction behind CBA’s controversial penalties-Sports-China Engineering Network

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The cognitive contradiction behind CBA’s controversial penalty
China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Yang Wei

After a series of contentious games in the second phase of the 2023-2024 CBA League, coaches are publicly questioning the referee’s decision. This unusual trend has sparked discussions about the state of Chinese basketball and the standards of the CBA League.

Shandong Men’s Basketball Team’s head coach, Ding Wei, publicly expressed his bewilderment at the discrepancy in free throws and fouls between his team and the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team. He questioned the fairness of the calls made by the referees. Similarly, Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Head Coach Qiu Biao also raised concerns about the large gap in free throws between his team and the Qingdao Men’s Basketball Team.

The controversy has cast a spotlight on the broader challenges facing Chinese basketball. The average number of fouls committed by the Chinese men’s basketball team in the Men’s Basketball World Cup was significantly higher than other participating teams, suggesting a disparity in how Chinese athletes interpret and adhere to the rules of basketball. This has raised questions about whether Chinese players are adapting to the standards of international competitions and if the referees in the CBA League are following the direction and requirements of international competitions.

The coaches’ criticisms also shed light on the limitations of domestic referees and the challenge of integrating with the international arena in a timely manner. The controversy over penalties has created a vicious circle that is hindering the development of Chinese basketball.

In light of the ongoing disputes, there is a pressing need for the CBA League to re-examine the contradiction between referee decisions and practitioners’ perceptions of penalties. It is imperative for coaches and athletes to make objective evaluations of referees’ on-the-spot penalties based on the basketball rules themselves and break free from the so-called home and away thinking and local protection thinking.

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The current dilemma faced by Chinese basketball, as highlighted by the coaches’ complaints, calls for an urgent reevaluation of the standards and practices within the CBA League. Only by addressing these issues can Chinese basketball move forward and uphold the integrity and professionalism of the sport.

China Youth Daily, Beijing, December 4

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