Home Sports State back to courage!Juventus wins three consecutive matches in all competitions and sets two records

State back to courage!Juventus wins three consecutive matches in all competitions and sets two records

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Original title: State back to courage!Juventus wins three consecutive victories for Bonucci to set two records

2-0, Juventus defeated Lazio in the away game and scored three points, which is also Juventus’ three-game winning streak in all competitions. Bonucci, the central defender, not only blocked opponents in defense, but also scored two penalty kicks. Bonucci also set two records. He has scored 26 Serie A goals in the past 10 years, making him the defender with the most goals. At the same time Bonucci is the first defender to score two penalty kicks in a single game in Serie A in 14 years.

In this year’s summer window, Juventus ushered in great changes, coach Pirlo left, and Ronaldo also left the team at buzzer to join Manchester United. Due to the large changes in the team, Juventus’ results have also been affected, especially in Serie A, where Juventus had no victories in the first four rounds and only ranked eighth in Serie A after 12 rounds.

The away game against Lazio in this round is very critical for Juventus, which is in desperate need of chasing points. From the game scene, Juventus is not dominant, with a ball possession rate of only 42.1%, while Lazio’s ball possession rate is 57.9%. In addition, Juventus lags behind the Blue Eagles’ 90% in passing success rate by 85%. But in the end Juventus won 2-0 away with Bonucci’s two penalty kicks.

Coupled with the victory of this game, Juventus has ushered in three consecutive victories in all competitions, and the team’s points are temporarily ranked sixth. At present, Juventus is only 4 points away from Atlanta, which has played 13 rounds and ranked fourth, which is also a great encouragement for Juventus.

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Bonucci became Juventus’s first penalty shooter in this game. He took two successful penalties and became the biggest player in Juventus’ win. And this game also allowed Bonucci to set two records. First, in the last 10 seasons of Serie A, Bonucci has scored 26 goals, making him the defender with the most goals in Serie A during the same period. Second, Bonucci is also the first defender to hit two penalty kicks in a Serie A game since 2007. The last player to do this was Napoli defender Domic (October 2007).Return to Sohu to see more


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