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Stein’s latest strength list: Warriors top the list and Lu Kai is second and third at the bottom of the Spurs – yqqlm

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Stein’s latest strength list: Warriors top the list and Lu Kai is second and third at the bottom of the Spurs – yqqlm

Original title: Stein’s latest strength list: Warriors top the list, Lu Kai ranked second and third Spurs bottom

Live it on September 12 News reporter Marc Stein recently released the latest NBA power list, which is also the first issue of its 2022-23 season power list. Among them, the Warriors top the list, the Bucks are second, and the Celtics are third. The details are as follows (with a brief review of keywords):

The defending champion, the full season of Klay and Dream Chaser, the growth of young people, the addition of new aids DiVincenzo and Green.

The 2021 championship, Antetokounmpo’s tenth season, Middleton’s return, and the recovery of new aid Ingles.

In the 2022 Finals, the addition of Brogdon (Galinari is out for the season due to injury, otherwise he will be ranked second).

5. Clippers

Leonard’s comeback, George’s full season, Wall’s addition, Lue’s underrated coaching ability.

6. Sun

The 2021 Finals, the league’s first record in the 2021-22 regular season, Ayton’s contract extension (if it wasn’t for the disastrous playoff performance and Ayton’s contract renewal issues, he would have entered the top five).

7.76 people

Harden’s state, Tucker, House, Melton, Harrell joined.

8. Grizzlies

56 wins in the 2021-22 regular season, Morant’s performance, Jalen’s surgery.

9. Knight

The addition of Mitchell, the growth of Mobley, and whether Allen and Garland can stay at the All-Star level.

10. Heat

Tucker left the team, Lowry’s state (the playoffs made it difficult for him to fall out of the top ten).

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11. Timberwolves

Gobert added, Towns played.

12. Pelicans

Zion’s comeback, the effect of Ingram and CJ’s collaboration.

13. Lone Ranger

The addition of Wood and McGee, the departure of Brunson, the performance of the bench.

14. Nets

Nash’s status, Benxi’s comeback, the chemistry between the Big Three.

15. Eagles

The addition of Murray, the effect of double guns in the backcourt, and the state of Collins.

16. Raptors

The lineup has barely changed, with Barnes + Sika + Van Vleet’s ceiling.

17. Trailblazers

Lillard and Simmons re-sign, Grant and Payton Jr.

18. Lakers

The state of James, the full season of thick eyebrows, the role of Westbrook, the addition of Beverley, the coaching ability of the new coach.

19. Bull

LaVine renewed, Ball’s recovery, Caruso and Pavey back, Drummond and Dragic added.

20. Knicks

Brunson’s addition.

21. King

Murray + Monk + Huerter + Fox + Sabonis, head coach Mike Brown, even if it is a success in the playoffs.

22. Wizards

Beal renewed, Porzingis’ status, Kuzma, Hachimura, Avdija’s contributions, Button and Morris added.

23. Wasp

Bridges left the team indefinitely, Harrell left, and head coach Clifford returned.

24. Pistons

Ivey + Cunningham.

25. Magic

Banquet No. 1, Wagner Jr. began to cash in, and Suggs grew.

26. Rocket

Draft, establish the core.

27. Thunder

Chet’s injuries, the draft, the growth of a young man.

28. Pacers

Haliburton’s growth, Turner and Heard’s departure and stay.

29. Jazz

Draft, rebuild.

30. Spurs

50th anniversary, head coach Popovich, waiting for the next Duncan.

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