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Sterling: I’m not close to my usual level and don’t regret my decision to come to Chelsea

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Sterling: I’m not close to my usual level and don’t regret my decision to come to Chelsea

Original title: Sterling: I am not close to my usual level and do not regret my decision to come to Chelsea

Live Broadcast, April 29th In an interview, Chelsea attacker Sterling talked about the current situation of the team. He said that it is impossible to be positive every day in life, but he is ready to meet the challenge.

Sterling said: “It’s impossible to be positive every day in life, sometimes you hit a low point, I haven’t been in this situation so far in my career, but I’m ready for it. Challenged. When we left the pitch we were angry and disappointed, disappointed.”

“Sometimes when we finish a game, you just sit in the dressing room and look around because you don’t understand what just happened. It’s hard to take it, you always try to find a positive solution. And then There were conversations, players trying to come to terms with what happened in the last ten minutes or so.”

“It’s not easy to be in a situation like this, the feeling of winning games week after week is what everybody in the dressing room is used to, so that’s what we like and we want to get back that feeling, we didn’t feel that way this year, it’s not good.We didn’t perform as well as we should have, including myself, I wasn’t anywhere near my usual level.

“But football can be cruel, the more you try to fix things, the worse it gets, and if you focus on one thing, things can get worse. We need to look in the right direction and give the next manager a good look. Full of anticipation, whoever arrives. We want to get results, win trophies and make that the main attraction of this club, as it has been for many years.”

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“That’s why I’m here because it’s a great history and with a new owner and a new direction, it’s a smart choice and I don’t regret it at all. The club had a great time and won a lot of trophies, but I love new challenges and that’s what I’m going to do and overcome, and winning trophies in moments like this is sweeter than winning every week.”

Regarding his position, Sterling said: “I’m not complaining about my position, I’m here to do my best.From the time the new owner took over, things moved quickly, there were some coaching changes, there were changes at the top, it was a process. We’re trying to get things right, it’s going to take time, but it doesn’t mean we accept where we are, we have to be ready in the next few months to get back to where we should be. “

Regarding missing the Champions League next season, Sterling said: “This is not what this club is used to, and it is what we need to change. For this, we must compete at a high level next year. It’s another thing not to be involved for a year, so we need to pick ourselves up.”

We can sit here and complain and watch the negativity, but it just makes me stronger because I’m looking for the happy times again.We won’t start next season in good shape if we dwell on the negatives, but if we deal with the negatives and use them to improve, we can come out stronger this summer. “

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“The quality of the dressing room cannot be denied. If we can control it well, then we can challenge every year. This season is far from what I expect from myself. I am sure I will improve and get back to the level I can achieve.”

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