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Sterling thinks about life after scoring in 300 milestone games

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Original title: Sterling thinks about life in front of goal after scoring in 300 milestone battles

In the league with Everton, Guardiola made significant changes to the team’s main lineup. On the one hand, many players in the Manchester City team have some physical problems after the national team game day. For example, De Bruyne’s new crown confirmed that the infection is in isolation. China, on the other hand, is to prepare for the Champions League in Paris next week. Sterling, who has not entered the starting lineup for a long time, has a rare opportunity to start this game, and this game is also quite meaningful for Sterling. This game is Sterling’s 300th appearance in the Premier League. At 26 years and 348 days, he is also the fourth youngest player in history to achieve this achievement. It is also since Milner (26 years and 117 days) in April 2012. , The youngest player to achieve this achievement.

And Sterling once again performed a two-faced life in this campaign, which can be called a god-ghost one. In the first half, he used his speed advantage to send crosses many times, including Foden’s slightly wide header. And Sterling also once received an accurate cross from Foden, but unfortunately the header in the penalty area was higher. At the end of the first half, Sterling finally broke the deadlock for Blue Moon. A second ago, when he stopped the ball in the penalty area too big and was destroyed by the Toffee guard, Sterling called and Cancelo immediately. The Portuguese sent out an assist from the outside instep, Sterling succeeded in an offside shot with a right foot pad to break the deadlock. After scoring a goal, Zhang Lu, who participated in the game commentary, gave a classic sentence: Don’t give Sterling a chance to think, so that he will not endorse happy football.

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This goal is also Sterling’s second goal of the season since the second round of the Premier League. In 300 games in the Premier League, he scored 98 goals and sent 51 assists, winning 3 championships. However, in the second half, he once again played thinking about life. Walker plugged in on the right and sent a precise pass. Sterling, who was unguarded in the penalty area, faced the goalkeeper Pickford. Just when he was hesitant, Pickford resolved the ball. A 100% chance to score a goal was wasted by Sterling. I don’t know if the Manchester City fans remembered that the Champions League knockout match faced Lyon’s empty goal.

In fact, before this game, rumors about Sterling’s winter window transfer became stronger. It is reported that Barcelona intends to bring Sterling to Camp Nou this winter, but at present Barcelona and Manchester City have not made substantial progress on this transfer. This season, because of the arrival of strong support and the lack of opportunities to seize the opportunity, Sterling has gradually faded out of Guardiola’s main lineup. Perhaps Sterling’s departure is an acceptable ending for him and the Manchester City club. After all, scoring goals and thinking about life like this game is really dumbfounding.Return to Sohu to see more


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