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Still Benzema!Double ring to send An Shuai red opener with 543 goals, 19th in history_Real Madrid

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Original title: Still Benzema!Double ring to give An Shuai a red opener with 543 goals, 19th in history

In the first round of La Liga, Real Madrid played away against Alaves. In the first half of the game, neither side scored a goal. In the second half of the game, Benzema opened the scoring for Real Madrid and then scored his second goal of the game. He scored twice and became Real Madrid’s biggest contributor to the 4-1 away win. Benzema gave Anshuai a good start to the season, and his own goal number has reached 543, making him the 19th player in football history to score more goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid in the summer of 2018, and Benzema, the offensive wingman who was playing for Real Madrid during Cristiano Ronaldo, has become the most dependent offensive guarantee for warships. In the past three seasons, Benzema has been Real Madrid’s top scorer, scoring 21 goals, 21 goals and 23 goals in La Liga respectively in the three seasons.

This summer, Benzema also got the opportunity to participate in the European Cup. Although France is not far away, Benzema showed an efficient competitive state and became an offensive star in the French team.

In the new season of La Liga, Real Madrid’s offensive line has not changed much. After Bale returns, it is difficult to perform well, and Hazard is not a pure shooter, so Benzema is still the offensive leader that Ancelotti relies on. And Benzema did not disappoint An Shuai.

Benzema broke out in the second half of the game against Alaves. In the 47th minute, Real Madrid launched an attack. Vazquez hit the pass from the left and then crossed. Hazard made the ball and Benzema volleyed the goal. In the 61st minute, Valverde passed the ball and passed it. Benzema was blocked for the first time and then succeeded with a supplementary shot. In just 14 minutes, Benzema scored twice, and his goal also laid a solid foundation for Real Madrid’s 4-1 victory.

It should be pointed out that Benzema has also become the first Real Madrid player to score a goal in La Liga this season, the first player to score a goal in an official game, and he has become Ancelotti’s second coaching. The first player after Real Madrid to score a goal in an official game. Benzema not only ushered in the new season of La Liga for Anshuai and Real Madrid, but after these two goals, Benzema scored 543 goals in his career, ranking first in the history of world football goals. 19 bits.Return to Sohu to see more


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