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storm over Ancona, yellow alert today

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storm over Ancona, yellow alert today

Ancona, 4 August 2023 – Thunderstorms, even intense with flooding in Ancona (Photo) and severe thunderstorm also on Senigallia (video) but for now no phenomenon so intense as to cause damage, nor the raising of river levels. The day from orange weather alert in the Marches between thunder, lightning and cancellations of some events it passed away without too many disasters. In short, the cyclone Circe it has not (apparently) caused the serious problems hypothesized nor, above all, the dreaded one hail.

Yellow alert also in Emilia Romagna / What is Alert System the new alert system

Bad weather today: that’s where

In the first part of the afternoon there were “thunderstorms in Montefeltro and then the phenomena also on the coast and on the central-southern hills. Il maximum peak recorded was 25mm/1hour recorded at Mount Petrano (Municipality of Cantiano) and in Fiumesino (Municipality of Falconara Marittima)”. In some areas of Ancona, however, the intense rain, alternating with moments of stasis, caused the underpass closure of via Macerata due to flooding. The city stairs have turned into waterfalls.

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In the evening, after a short break, a new violent storm (video) hit Ancona: a wall of water turned the streets into rivers. The civil protection notes that “in the last few hours they have registered heavy rainfall mainly in macro area 4 (i.e. the central area of ​​Ancona) where the average area was 24mm with peaks around 40mm. Currently the phenomena they moved to the sea and they are in general attenuation. For the next three hours they are expected minor showers and thunderstorms intensity on the central-northern Apennine and hilly areas with peaks around 15-20mm”. Attention remains high on the rivers, whose “hydrometric levels recorded local elevations, in any case below the thresholds”.

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Heavy thunderstorms in the evening: the damage

New thunderstorms in the evening, with intense rainfall and wind, have caused other inconveniences in particular in the provinces of Ancona and Macerata. TO Montecanepino of Potenza Picena (Macerata), a lady went off the road with her car, thanks to the roadway invaded by water and pouring rain, risking ending up in an adjacent ditch. The woman, who was unharmed in the accident, was recovered by the firefighters, who also intervened on the Provincial road Val d’Aso ad Altidona (Stationary): a car overturned and ended up in a ditch, the occupants were rescued by the firefighters and entrusted to the care of the sanitary ware. Also in the Macerata area, perhaps due to lightning, there was a fire in meters in a building in Tolentino; the flames were put out by firefighters. Inconveniences also in the area of ​​the Montelago Celtic Festival in Serravalle di Chienti where some cars got bogged down and were assisted by firefighters. In the evening, the Camen Danza show at the Sferisterio was also cancelled. Streets invaded by water a Macerata and Civitanova Marche. In Porto Recanati some underpasses have been invaded by water, which has also fallen profusely in this area, with consequent problems for passing cars which have remained blocked; the situation then resolved without problems for motorists.

Yellow weather alert for tomorrow, Saturday 5 August

New alert for tomorrow, in the Marches, even if we go from orange to yellow. They are in fact “expected locally severe thunderstorms in the central hours of the day. Phenomena running out during the afternoon ”, informs the Civil Protection.

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