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Strong, very strong, practically invisible: the Under 20 talents in the final of the World Cup, but did not reach Serie A

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Strong, very strong, practically invisible: the Under 20 talents in the final of the World Cup, but did not reach Serie A

The young Italy has awakened, there is a national team that wins ai World Cup. You are the Under 20 of the coach’s boys Carmine Nunziatafor the first time in the final of the World Cup: with them our football was reborn. Casadeitop scorer of the tournament, is the new one Milinkovic-Savic. Baldanzi looks like Messi. At the bottom, match-winner last night, the man of destiny. And then the parades of deplanchesGhilardi a colossus in defense, ZanottiMeadows and Young tireless mopeds. Too bad they don’t see the pitch in the league. We applaud them when they win with the blue shirtbut then we don’t trust him in the clubs: the numbers unmask theItalian hypocrisy on the young players of our football. If we exclude Tommaso Baldanzi, the only one who this year has found continuity of employment in Empoli, in Serie A Nunziata’s boys have collected just 334 minutes in the entire season. A misery. If we broaden the discussion to the percentage of ownership (source Trasfermarkt), regardless of the category given that many are rightly on loan in Serie B or C, we discover that in any case only 4 have played more than one match out of two from the first minute (in order: StonesCasadei, Baldanzi, Ghilardi), while the average is really low, 19%. There demonstration that there is something structurally wrong with our system.

Yet seeing them on the pitch with the Under 20s they practically look like gods phenomenacrashed Brazil, passed theEnglandalso bent the fearsome Corea and now they will play the title. Be careful with the comparisons: youth football is another football, too many variables count, such as physical development that never goes hand in hand, character growththe experiences gained. Also look at the board, with Uruguay, Korea and Israel in the top four and Brazil or France at home prematurely: a sign that, beyond the exponential growth of some movements, the results are reliable up to a certain point. Anyone who seems predestined at 18, and maybe could even be, doesn’t necessarily become a champion when they grow up. Done this premise, however, one question still remains: don’t these guys really deserve more than a few minutes between the suburban fields of Serie B and C? Because then that’s the whole point: perhaps seeing them already protagonists at the highest levels is asking too much, but so relegated to the oblivion it is probably too little.

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Let’s take perhaps the most emblematic case: Simone Pafundi, unanimously considered by insiders as the most crystalline talent not only of this under but probably of our entire movement for some time now. Born in 2006, he is playing practically three years under age and nevertheless managed to be decisive in the semifinals. In a Udinese already saves since January has never found space, and after the injury of Deulofeuthe owner in his role, the management preferred to register the French Thauvin, who made appearances as a finished footballer, rather than bank on his talent. The only possible explanation is that the company knowingly wanted to keep the hole cards, perhaps due to the contract expiring in 2025. This would make sense, but it would still not be the best way to accelerate his growth path among the pros, which will start a year late. Same speech for Montevago: there couldn’t be a few minutes for him in one Sampdoria on the verge of bankruptcy who has been playing for the honor of signing for weeks, making his second and third goalkeeper debut?

Casadei he is the cover man of this team: he has left the management orbit of the Italian football and moved in Englandmore due to the known financial difficulties of theInter that for a real lack of trust of the club (if Zhang hadn’t had to raise cash he probably would have had a chance somewhere on loan). In England he had to deal not only with another category but with another country, and so he spent half a season in the spring and the other half on loan at Reading in the slums of the Championship. But the problem is not the phenomena, which in the end receive some more attention anyway, but normal kids: the AmbrosinoDesplanches and Giovane, who struggled to find space in Serie Bbetween loans probably in the wrong team and on the bench, the many 2003 come Zanotti e Fontanarosa who have not yet removed their baby teeth Primavera. They have quality, we saw them during the world championship, but we didn’t have the courage to put them to the test championship. Yet the exception we have had before our eyes for the whole year: Tommasino Baldanzi, authentic revelation of Serie A, 26 matches and 4 goals in his debut season, without any problems or awe. There demonstration that maybe these guys just let them play. A lesson that the soccer Italian hasn’t learned yet.

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