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Su Bingtian: At present, he has retired, but ordinary teachers hope that more people will pay attention to track and field_Semi-finals_Dash_Olympics

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Original title: Su Bingtian: Retired, just ordinary teachers hope more people will pay attention to track and field

On December 25, Beijing time, China News Weekly recently announced the 2021 annual list of influential figures, and Su Bingtian was shortlisted for the sports figure of the year. At the Tokyo Olympics, Su Bingtian ran an Asian record of 9.83 seconds in the semi-finals and broke into the Olympic 100-meter trapeze final. This is the first time a Chinese athlete has stood on the stage of the 100-meter trapeze final.

Speaking of his next goal in his career, Su Bingtian, 32-year-old associate professor of Jinan University, said: “Now I can run for one year or a year, and try to maintain my high-level competitive state for as long as possible.” Su Bingtian also frankly said, I have begun to plan my life after retirement: “Because I have retired before the drought. In fact, now the relationship has been transferred to Jinan University. Now I am actually a teacher. I did not stay as a coach in the first-line team like other athletes. I think Go down to the middle or grassroots level, and spread the sprint skills, ideas and life stories I have learned to college students.”

For those parents who want to put their children on the track and field, Su Bingtian gave his own advice: “Actually, I think that according to the current phenomenon of Chinese sprinting, it is actually a very good performance. Why do many people practice badminton in China? , Table tennis? Because they can see their children have a chance to win the championship and see hope. But now we can now create a series of these results. We are in the finals of the World Championships and the finals of the Olympics, although we are still very far from the gold medal. Far, but the influence we have created is no worse than they won the Olympic championship. Then we are now on the rise of sprinting, 4×100 meters have begun to win a medal, and can also ignite parents and children’s awareness of sprinting. For example, before Liu Xiang, I believe that if Liu Xiang is not the Olympic champion who won the 110-meter hurdles, many people don’t know that there is a hurdle in track and field. After it appears, everyone will have a deeper understanding of him, knowing how much its influence is, in fact, it is a very good effect of reflection and reflection.”Return to Sohu to see more

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