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Su Yiming and Cai Xuetong, finalists of the World Extreme Games, won a bronze each_Zhejiang Online

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Su Yiming and Cai Xuetong, finalists of the World Extreme Games, won a bronze each

2023-01-31 14:05:27

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

Reporter Chu Peng

On January 30, the World Extreme Games came to an end at the Aspen Ski Resort in the United States. Su Yiming, the snowboard men’s large platform champion of the Beijing Winter Olympics, participated in the extreme sports meeting for the first time. After successfully completing the reverse foot 1980 movement and winning the large platform bronze medal, he also won ninth place in the slope obstacle skills. Cai Xuetong, a Chinese women’s snowboarder, won the bronze medal in U-shaped track skills. Gu Ailing, who played on behalf of China, had a knee injury before and came to cheer for the players on crutches.

This is the first time for 18-year-old Su Yiming to participate in an extreme sports meeting. According to the rules of the competition, within the specified 30-minute competition time, players can theoretically slide an unlimited number of times, and take the best two slide scores and add up the total score. In the first round, Su Yiming scored only 10 points due to a landing error. In the second round, he completed 1,800 forward moves and scored 39 points. In the next two rounds of skating, Su Yiming failed to complete the reverse foot 1980 movement. In the fifth round, he finally successfully completed this action and scored 48 points. In the end, Su Yiming ranked third with a total score of 87 and won a bronze medal.

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Since then, Su Yiming has participated in the men’s snowboard slope obstacle skills competition. Su Yiming’s condition was not ideal due to a head fall in the previous training, but he still successfully completed the competition. It’s a pity that he made some mistakes in the first three rounds of skating, and the last round ended perfectly with a 1620 turn, and finally ranked ninth.

In the women’s competition, Chinese player Cai Xuetong finally won the bronze medal in the women’s half-pipe snowboard. This is Cai Xuetong’s eighth time to participate in the extreme sports meeting. Cai Xuetong previously won the silver medal in 2017 and the bronze medal in 2016 and 2019. In the end, Cai Xuetong won another bronze medal with her stable skating.

The Chinese player Gu Ailing, who was injured in the previous warm-up training, withdrew from the competition for the two events of slope obstacle skills and U-shaped field skills in the Extreme Games, she still came to the sidelines on crutches to cheer for the players. Gu Ailing was also invited to serve as a guest commentator for the TV station. This is not the first time Gu Ailing has served as a commentator. Before the 2018 Genting U-shaped venue competition, Gu Ailing also retired due to training injuries. Gu Ailing, who was 15 years old at the time, once served as a live broadcast guest of the game. Talking about her knee injury, Gu Ailing said, “The injury is not as bad as I thought.” She said that she will return in a few weeks.

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