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Südtirol-Bari, playoffs: when reality lives up to dreams

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Südtirol-Bari, playoffs: when reality lives up to dreams

A more than positive season for Südtirol which, in its first ever season in Serie B, not only reaches the goal of salvation by a wide margin but even goes as far as the playoffs. Having narrowly overtaken Reggina, the South Tyrolean team led by coach Bisoli on the bench faces their Bari twins in a double confrontation.

This unusual challenge between the two geographical extremes is accompanied by not exactly benevolent weather, even if in the end the day holds up well and the wait can flow smoothly between rivers of beer, food and local folklore.

Once the anxiety about this important match has been tempered, the Drusus it slowly fills up even inside. No fences, stands close to the green rectangle, the atmosphere is very reminiscent of that of an English stadium for usability of the match, even if in fact the actual six thousand seats are always a bit tight, especially on big occasions like this.

In the away sector, a dry and bombastic “Bari Bari” immediately sounds like a test of strength, an attempt to mark the territory and at the same time try to give the team the right amount of competitive spirit to impose itself on this away match. Guided by the “Followers”, in turn supported by “Bulldog” and “King David”, the red and whites from Puglia are the authors of a cheering of exquisite workmanship, very intense, focused above all on really massive repeating choirs.

The tradition of the visiting supporters, its history of passion and presence speak for it, but clearly when the spark ignited by a team that lives up to the expectations of the square strikes, Bari becomes something sensational, impressive in terms of numbers and supporters .

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As far as the home fans are concerned, however, the initial scenography should certainly be mentioned, simple in its realization but successful. In terms of power, they cannot withstand the impact of the neighbors but they are still appreciable for their commitment and perseverance, as they have done in the rest of this long season, in which they have never lacked their contribution to their team, a task not so obvious if we go back to talking about the historical tradition of football or ultras. From these and various other points of view, Bolzano has a much more recent history but it got going, it put itself on the line and it did it, eventually picking up a satisfying victory, albeit narrow. To be defended with even more determination in the return match at the “San Nicola”.

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