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Sui Wenjing, who only slept three hours a day, worked too hard. After winning the Winter Olympics, she still has a dream to realize_Sports_Han Cong_Children

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Sui Wenjing, who only slept three hours a day, worked too hard. After winning the Winter Olympics, she still has a dream to realize_Sports_Han Cong_Children

Original title: Sui Wenjing, who only sleeps three hours a day, worked too hard. After winning the Winter Olympics, she still has a dream to realize

“In the past six months, I have been participating in activities continuously, such as going to campus some time ago to give a lecture on the Winter Olympics, visiting a museum in Hefei to learn the spirit of ‘crossing the river’, holding master classes to teach children skating… I also wrote a book “More Than Wenjing” tells the story and mental journey from childhood to adulthood. “On the 198th day after winning the Beijing Winter Olympics figure skating pair skating championship with Han Cong, 27-year-old Sui Wenjing is still so busy, which is actually related to the It has nothing to do with the outside world, “I am a special person, I always roll myself.”

On the afternoon of September 4th, the “Global Digital Sports Summit Forum in the Post-Winter Olympic Era” jointly sponsored by China Youth Daily and Shougang Sports was held in Beijing Shougang Park. As a guest of the roundtable dialogue session, the “Scallion Bucket Group” introduced the power and changes brought by sports to the participants, and people were also full of curiosity about the next work arrangement of the two.

“Life is all about trying,” Sui Wenjing emphasized when asked in an interview after the meeting what to do next. In her childhood memory, there is such a scene: standing on the windowsill of her own house in a small skirt, twisting and saying to her parents, I want to learn to sing, paint, dance, and play the piano. “I love a lot of things, and my friends say that I’m like a chicken blood,” Sui Wenjing said with a smile. When she was a child, her parents took her to learn dance and martial arts. After engaging in competitive sports, she did not put down calligraphy and vocal music. These hobbies finally gave Sui Wenjing some gains that she could not get on the field.

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“I usually take vocal music lessons, and sometimes I walk and sing after training. Everyone thinks I am very happy. They say that Xiao Sui has a good personality and that Xiao Sui can sing well. I have been recognized by others in other ways outside the competition. .Including my calligraphy writing, I will give my teachers couplets written by myself during the New Year. It may not be so well written, but it also allows them to see a different me, which in turn gives me self-confidence, the source of this self-confidence Just keep learning,” Sui Wenjing said. It was the confidence she accumulated through the recognition of others that she “changed from a social fear to a social cow”, which is also very important in Sui Wenjing’s autobiography “More Than Wenjing”, which will be published this year. a chapter of .

“My new book is currently under review. The reason why I wrote such a book is to tell children that no matter what kind of difficulties they encounter, they should always believe that there are people around who love us all the time. The book contains my story, as well as In the articles written by good friends like Han Congge and Tian Tian (Jin Boyang), what I want to express is that the completion of a goal is not an end but a new starting point, and we must always pursue higher dreams,” Sui Wenjing said.

It was in the embrace of love that Sui Wenjing walked all the way. Although the family conditions were not very good when she was a child, her parents gave her the warmest love, helped her form a sound personality, and allowed her to pursue her dreams without hesitation. Now, Sui Wenjing wants to pass on this love to more people, “I will donate the royalties of this book to help left-behind children, hoping to do more things for the society, so that more people and Let’s go to the future together.”

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The busy work after the Winter Olympics made Sui Wenjing only sleep for three hours a day, but she enjoyed it. Because in the contact with different people and projects, the Winter Olympic gold medalist also constantly has new ideas, and at the same time, the more and more stable mentality helps her to really do things well. “Actually, my goal is still very clear, that is, I hope to become an excellent figure skating choreographer,” Sui Wenjing told reporters when returning to the topic of the future.

When she was still in her 20s, Sui Wenjing suddenly had the idea of ​​becoming a choreographer. The constant creativity was the most important factor driving her to move forward. “I often come up with a new idea while eating, and when I practice calligraphy, I also think of different forms of creation and expression. I believe that this kind of creativity and love for figure skating can help me in this field. It has played a role,” Sui Wenjing said.

It should be said that in the project of figure skating, the choreographer plays a very important role. While choreographing a good artwork, she also needs to excavate the personal characteristics of the athletes at the same time. It is very difficult to do this if you don’t have considerable skill.

“Due to the epidemic, the choreographer was abroad when preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics. We could only communicate with him on choreography through video in the middle of the night. This is a bit regretful to me,” Sui Wenjing believes. , if the offline arrangement could be realized at that time, the final presentation effect of myself and Han Cong at the Winter Olympics would be better, “Although we also have a lot of communication and exchanges online, I really hope that under any circumstances, we will I am able to stand and fight together with the choreographer and the whole team, so this is my regret, and I hope that I can make up for this regret in the future and create better works for the following children or friends around me.”

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In fact, Sui Wenjing’s creativity has already started to shine in a TV program called “The Masked Dancer” of Jiangsu TV Station that he participated in, “This time the dance is themed around fish, and suddenly I have this idea in my mind. There is such a picture, jumping out of the water, and then standing above the water in the state of a dolphin, thank the teacher of the dance troupe for finally cooperating with me to complete this action,” Sui Wenjing emphasized, first of all, we must dare to think, and then we must try boldly.” You can never fail if you don’t try, and if you try you can fail, but as an athlete, sport has taught me how to fail.”

It should be said that the “scallion barrel combination” has been through hardships and ups and downs, and the failure is also the result of the two people have to face it many times, but in the end, they still stood on the top podium of the Olympic Games. “For figure skating, ten years is just the beginning. Only by persevering bravely can we surpass ourselves. Brother Han Cong and I have not the best conditions, but we persisted to the end. As for success and failure, in fact, every Everyone has a ruler in their hearts. Only by constantly tapping our own potential and cognition can we find our true self and be brave enough to be ourselves!” Sui Wenjing said finally.

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