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Suicidal biker in Treviso, after the death of his wife: “Wherever JoJo goes, I’ll follow her”

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Suicidal biker in Treviso, after the death of his wife: “Wherever JoJo goes, I’ll follow her”

Treviso, 24 May 2022 – He didn’t make it a survive without his Jo-Joil 54-year-old Luca Simionato He took his own life a few hours before his wife’s funeral Giovanna Vanin, who died at the age of 55 from a sudden illness that in a few moments had condemned her to an irreversible coma. Theirs was a love too intense to break even from death, too great a pain that led the entrepreneur to commit suicide.

Wherever JoJo goes, I’ll follow her“. These are the few words written on a ticket before taking your own life in a construction site in Quinto di Treviso, the man’s body was found by some workers, next to a note in which he explained his gesture. Giovanna’s funeral should have taken place today, who died in hospital after four days of coma due to cerebral edema. Her friends had renamed her “the warrior biker“, Perhaps she was the strongest of the couple, the missing pillar that made a whole life waver, or rather two. They were expected at the ceremony hundreds of harleysts, adventure companions of the two motorcyclists, married since 26 years.

The double tragedy

“He seemed to have planned everything, a few months ago he said it: when she’s gone, I’ll be gone too. They lived in symbiosis”, revealed a biker friend al Corriere della Sera. Luca managed the “Shop74”In Quinto di Treviso, a shop specializing in mondo Harley Davidson, and was well known and respected among the motorcyclists of the Marca Trevigiana. The last person to have spoken with Luca was the parish priest of Quinto of Treviso, which today he would have celebrated the funeral. A few words, full of immense pain, and then the decision to head to the construction site to end it all. The alarm went off yesterday at 13.30, when the workers saw him on the ground, motionless and already lifeless. When the doctors arrived on the spot, there was nothing more for the man to do.

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Last 15 maggiohis wife – known among harleysts as “Jo Jo” – had fallen ill after returning home from a gita in Harley in Marano Lagunare, in the province of Udine. It was her husband who gave first aid, the woman was rushed to the Ca ‘Foncello hospital in Treviso, where she went into a coma and died four days later. She was the daughter of immigrants raised in Canada, where she had also lived for several years with her husband Luca. Wait one double ceremony for the funeral of the two spouses, who will be buried together.

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