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Sun Minghui: All three defenders can launch tactics, which is easier for me – yqqlm

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Sun Minghui: All three defenders can launch tactics, which is easier for me – yqqlm

Original title: Sun Minghui: All three guards can launch tactics, which is easier for me

At the end of the Asian Cup of men’s basketball, the Chinese men’s basketball team finally won the 8th place. At present, the men’s basketball team has arrived in Europe for training, and defender Sun Minghui is interviewed.

Before going to the World Preliminaries, the Chinese men’s basketball team hadn’t played an international tournament for a while, and it was a little uncomfortable to play against the Australian team as soon as it came up?

Sun Minghui replied: “Well, yes. Because I haven’t played in an international competition for a long time, I met a team like Australia with a very tough physical confrontation and a very fierce style of play. As the first game, everyone was not very used to it. Find the (rhythm) and intensity of this kind of international competition, and get used to the intensity of the confrontation little by little. In fact, I injured my hand after the first game, and when I played in Taipei in the last game, the feeling was completely different when I played. It’s just the speed of offense-defense transition on the court and then adding some confrontation intensity, it feels completely different.”

There are 6 guards in the men’s basketball team, and many people have different understandings of this. Du Feng arranged this in the hope that your 6 people with different styles can play more roles in the game, right?

Sun Minghui said: “When we were training in Guangzhou, we played a lot of teaching games with Guangzhou and Qingdao teams, and then Director Du also asked us to cooperate with different defenders in different groups on the field. In fact, when we were on the field, I felt It’s still relatively smooth, becauseAll three defenders can launch tactics and receive the ballon the field can play their own characteristics, can make up for some of the weaknesses of others, or can help teammates can better play their own state.I think it’s easier for me to play this way.Because when there is one defender or two defenders on the field, it will be a little slow when there are some passing balls or tactical calls, and then when there are three defenders (on the field) it will be more fluid. “

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