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Sun Yang denies that it is not impossible to retire and expect to come back to compete in the Paris Olympics-Chinanews.com

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  Sun Yang denies retiring and expects to come back[It is not impossible to compete for the Paris Olympics]

On February 28, 2020, the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) announced the ruling of the “World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) v. Sun Yang and FINA Hearing”. Chinese Olympic swimming champion Sun Yang was banned for eight years. Effective immediately. On June 22, 2021, the International Court of Arbitration for Sport announced that Sun Yang’s 8-year suspension was reduced to 4 years and 3 months. The calculation starts on February 28, 2020 and ends on May 28, 2024.

In the past two years, Sun Yang has gradually faded out of people’s sight. What did Sun Yang do when he was away from the public eye? Is he still in training? Will he, who will be over 32 years old by then, still want to catch the last train of the Paris Olympics? Sun Yang took the initiative to accept media interviews recently, revealing his heartfelt thoughts: he has not retired, will never give up, insists on training, and looks forward to his comeback. In the interview, Sun Yang shed tears several times, which is also quite emotional.

status quo

Did not retire and still insist on swimming training every day

Regarding the question that the outside world is most concerned about, that is, whether Sun Yang is still training, whether he has thought about retiring and when he will come back, Sun Yang replied: “I have never said to the outside world that I have retired or stopped swimming. I I have always believed that I should use my body and ability to do what I should do and be ready at all times. This is my current state of mind. The most important thing about a person’s talent is to make good use of it. I learned this on the day In the end, I was with the team members, and I said at that time that I hope everyone will continue to support me, four years is not a long time, I want to persevere.”

In the past few years of being suspended, Sun Yang was still a little uncomfortable at the beginning. For example, the days when he was supposed to compete became a little lonely and lost. For the national championship game in April every year, and the international competitions such as the World Championships that usually take place in summer, he suddenly has no competition tasks, and the conditioned reflexes and habits formed over the years will suddenly change. However, Sun Yang adjusted very quickly. He still got up at the normal time, had breakfast, went to the gym, etc. He worked hard when he had work, and took care of other things well.

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This also made Sun Yang gradually understand a truth: swimming will not be the whole of his life, and one day he will leave the swimming pool. But no matter how it changes, swimming is an inseparable part of Sun Yang’s life, so he has been persisting. Sun Yang is still insisting on self-training and adjustment every day. The travel distance may be less than when training with the national team and Zhejiang team, but there is still a training volume of several kilometers or even 10,000 meters. He said, “If a person can’t even achieve self-discipline, then he can’t succeed. This is the most difficult thing in life, and it’s the same in life. I can do it.”

Of course, there are also joys in difficult days, and there are also things that make Sun Yang happy. In September 2022, Sun Yang finally received the certificate issued by the FINA, which was the certificate for him to break the men’s 1500m freestyle world record at the London Olympics. Regarding receiving this certificate 10 years later, Sun Yang said when talking about his feelings, “I am very emotional and very calm. At that time, the first thing I wanted to say was that the efficiency was a bit high, and it really took 10 years to receive it. Yes. But the moment I see the certificate, it will still bring me back to the scene at that time. After all, the London Olympics is a place where the world knows me, and I will be very moved. This certificate is the best affirmation for me, regardless of this All the ups and downs in the process are included in this certificate, which is a recognition for me.”

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In the interview, Sun Yang also generously talked about his love story with Zhang Doudou, a famous rhythmic gymnast, “I believe that everyone must know about my relationship with Doudou on the Internet. First of all, our two occupations are very similar, and secondly, She chose to support me without hesitation—the profession of an athlete basically gathers less and leaves more, and requires training and competition. Her understanding and support are what attract me the most. Of course, there are also simplicity, straightforwardness, and sincerity. Tian also joked, saying that apart from her parents since she was a child, she was the one who dared to face my problems. I think this is a good thing, but maybe I didn’t think it was a good thing before. People who love you or people who like you, Talk about your problems, like she told me, ‘I wish you well, so I’m saying this stuff’.”


Will create a Sun Yang IP in the future

There is only more than one year left before the Paris Olympics. When talking about his goals and expectations, Sun Yang said, “From my heart, I just do what I should do. I don’t need to think too much. I am willing to persist Work harder, because I still have a belief and a goal in my heart. Do what I should do, and it will bloom when it should bloom. In the long run, I am not too old, I still have a body and ability , I can persist for a few more years. Many athletes are role models for me, whether it is a tennis player or an NBA player, like James is 38 years old, right, and they can still maintain a very good competitive state.”

In addition, Sun Yang also talked about his life plan: “From my own personal cognition, athletes are only a part of life. But my mentality of being an athlete and the spirit of never giving up are different from other industries. It may also be successful, because the label of doing anything includes persistence and not giving up. What I always hope to show you is a Chinese athlete who never gives up and never gives up. These beliefs have never changed, and have never changed. It has never disappeared. I will create a Sun Yang IP in the future, and last year I participated in the Digital Economy Unicorn Summit as a sportsman and learned a lot from many entrepreneurs.”

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If the results meet the standard, there is still hope to go to Paris

Judging from the current situation, it is not that Sun Yang has the opportunity to participate in the Paris Olympics. It depends on his specific self-training situation. He has not disclosed his latest test results in several major distance events. From the analysis of the suspension deadline on May 28 next year, usually the domestic trials, that is, the national championship, will end before May. In recent years, the duration of this event usually starts in April or even the end of March. However, it is not ruled out that the Chinese Swimming Association and the Swimming Center will arrange a summer qualifying competition to be held in June. This has precedents in the past, and it is not just for Sun Yang. If the competition can be held, and Sun Yang can reach the Olympic A standard in the competition, he may still hope to go to Paris.

If it is possible to go to Paris to participate in the competition, it can be regarded as a major event in the international swimming world and even the international sports world. After all, Sun Yang’s influence is still there, with 3 Olympic gold medals and 10 World Championship gold medals. His achievements and world records cannot be erased. Moreover, starting from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, separated from the Tokyo Olympics where he did not participate, it will be a miracle in the world swimming world to be able to span 5 Olympic Games for 16 years. It all depends on Sun Yang’s own efforts.

Text/Reporter Liu Ailin

Photo courtesy/Visual China

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