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Super Bowl: Trigger of gun attack in Kansas City known

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Super Bowl: Trigger of gun attack in Kansas City known

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The cause of the gun attack in Kansas City is now known

Status: 15.02.2024 | Reading time: 3 minutes

Shots fired at Super Bowl victory parade – one dead, several injured

The parade for this year’s Super Bowl winners in Kansas City ended in a hail of bullets: at least one person was shot and more than 20 others were injured. It remains unclear whether the incident was directly related to the Chiefs’ victory celebration.

One day after the gun attack during the big parade for the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory, investigators have new information about the crime. One person was killed and 21 others were injured.

It was supposed to be a big celebration with hundreds of thousands of fans for the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory, but in the end there was only despair and sadness: the shock after the gun attack on Wednesday in Kansas City, in which one person was killed and more than 20 others were injured runs deep.

The motives of the perpetrators initially remained unclear, but now there are new findings: The attack is said to have been due to an escalated personal “quarrel between several people”. Kansas City, Missouri Police Chief Stacey Graves said Thursday the attack was not related to “terrorism” or domestic “violent extremism.” Two of the three suspects arrested are teenagers.

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The local radio station KKFI announced on the online network Facebook that its DJ Lisa Lopez had been killed in the gun attack. “This senseless act took a wonderful person from her family and her city.” Among the injured are at least 11 children between the ages of six and 15, according to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

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“I thought it was fireworks”

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered for the parade in Kansas City, where the team completed a three-kilometer-long celebratory procession on double-decker buses amid their fans. In unusually warm weather, the fans, almost all dressed in the red club colors, cheered their players in a sea of ​​red and gold confetti. The team won the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas on Sunday.

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Shots were suddenly heard in the middle of the crowd, causing panic among the many fans. “I thought it was fireworks,” witness John O’Connor told The Kansas City Star. He heard “between 15 and 20 shots in a short period of time.” Victims were treated while lying on the ground before being taken away on stretchers by rescue workers.

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Paul Contreras, who attended the parade with his three daughters, told CNN that he subdued and disarmed one of the gunmen before police arrived. “I stood at the right angle to him and knocked him down from behind,” he said. “I knock him down and push him down with all my weight. And then another good Samaritan comes and helps me.”

The Kansas City Chiefs said they were “deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence.” The entire team, their staff and their relatives were therefore safe. Star player Travis Kelce said he was “heartbroken by the tragedy.” He wrote in the online service X: “My heart goes out to everyone who came to celebrate with us today and is now affected.”

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Call for stricter gun laws

“I am angry about what happened today,” said the Kansas City police chief. “People who came to this celebration should be able to expect a safe environment.” Mayor Quinton Lucas said the victory celebration was “a day that many people have been looking forward to. Something they will remember for the rest of their lives. And they shouldn’t have to remember the threat of gun violence.”

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It should not be the case that in the USA there is a fear of “being shot” at every major event, said Lucas. US President Biden once again called for stricter gun laws. The incident in Kansas City “should move us, shock us, shame us into action.” He called on US citizens to “make their voices heard in Congress” so that US gun laws would finally be tightened.

Gun violence is an everyday problem in the United States, where there are more guns than people. According to surveys, a majority of US citizens are in favor of stricter gun laws, but these are failing because of the strong gun lobby. In Congress, the opposition Republicans in particular are opposing it.

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