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Super Green pass in Italy: when it is decided and where it can be used – breaking latest news

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Rome, November 23, 2021 – Il Covid also advances in Italy and the idea of ​​a super green pass for vaccinated and cured. In fact, the government evaluates new interventions, also under the pressure of Regions calling for measures to avoid closures. “There must be no inertia – said the president of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, last night at the meeting with the executive -: the important thing is to protect the safety of the openings, the continuity of commercial and entrepreneurial activities and protect those who have made their own duty, respecting the requests of the state “.
Between tomorrow and Thursday, therefore, a control room should be held and then a Council of Ministers to decide what actions to take to counter the fourth wave of the virus. Of course, at the moment, there is only the news of theadvance of the third dose: no longer six but five months.

Super green pass

However, it remains to be clarified whether there will be restrictions for the unvaccinated, the so-called ‘super green pass’. To get it the swab will no longer be enough, but it will be necessary have had the vaccine or be cured of Covid (the 2G of the Austrian model: ‘geimpft’, vaccinated, and ‘genesen’, cured). The ‘hardened’ certificate could be triggered when a region passes in the yellow or orange zone, even if the governor of Calabria, Roberto Occhiuto, has proposed to establish it immediately regardless of the colors.

Preferential lanes for the vaccinated

The aim of the measure is to move that hard core of no vax (about 7.6 million Italians), who, however, would not be prevented from working or moving. On the contrary, the super green pass would open preferential lanes for vaccinated people who could continue to frequent places of socialization, such as theaters, cinemas and restaurants. “If in the next few days there are restrictions, these will have to concern only the unvaccinated, only the selfish. Those who do not want to get vaccinated will have to do home and work”, the Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta told Tgcom24.

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Vaccination obligation

The hypothesis of thevaccination obligation, a measure supported by Confindustria and the trade unions. During the week, however, a decision will be taken on the obligation of the third dose for health professionals, as confirmed by the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa. There is also the possibility of later extending the obligation to other categories, such as that of teachers, police forces and all front office staff, i.e. in direct contact with the public.

Outdoor masks

Finally, the hypothesis of a return to the use of the mask outdoors for everyone and throughout the country, without waiting for the color change.

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