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Super League: Juventus, Real and Barcelona bring Uefa and Fifa in front of the EU Court

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The legal action of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus – the three clubs behind the Superlega project proposal – against Fifa and Uefa for abuse of dominant position comes to the European Court of Justice. This was revealed by the Financial Times, according to which the three teams continue to pursue their own line that accuses the sports governing bodies of breaking European competition rules, in an effort to dismantle the “monopoly”. A win would allow teams to have more financial control in the tournaments they play in.

According to court documents, held by the Financial Times, A22 – the Spanish-based company representing the Super League clubs – will ask the European Court of Justice to judge whether UEFA can continue to act as a regulator capable of imposing sanctions to clubs, while also acting as a participant, benefiting from the organization of tournaments such as the Champions League.

According to the Financial Times, the Super League clubs accuse Uefa and Fifa of abuse of dominant position. “Contrary to other sports competition markets, Uefa and Fifa maintain and fiercely defend a monopolistic position in European football that goes against competition law, despite the efforts of other operators to access the market,” it reads.

A Madrid court has referred the case to the European Court of Justice to decide whether the statutes of Uefa and FIFA, which give them the exclusive rights to organize football in Europe, are compatible with EU law.

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