Home Sports Super league volley, Lube Civitanova champion of Italy. It is the seventh championship

Super league volley, Lube Civitanova champion of Italy. It is the seventh championship

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Super league volley, Lube Civitanova champion of Italy.  It is the seventh championship

The club from Marche wins the third consecutive home title with a proof of character: great De Cecco and Zaytsev

by our correspondent Gian Luca Pasini

11 maggio

Civitanova-Perugia 3-0 (25-23, 25-16, 25-21)

Never say never. It is the title of the Lube season which, as in the two previous championships (finished), wins the Scudetto. The most complex one, the most unexpected one from mid-year onwards, but also the most incredible to win. With everything that has happened to Blengini’s team this year, injuries, infections and all kinds of misfortunes. But Civitanova proved to be stronger than everything, able to sink and then rise again one piece at a time, first during the semifinals with Trento and then with the most difficult opponent, Perugia who had dominated up to here, far and wide. But Lube dominated when needed, until she placed the knockout blow at the right moment.

The match

Sir Safety begins with full force with the line-up confirmed, compared to race-3, with Mengozzi still in the center of Perugia. Civitanova, in a sold out building, goes down by three points, 9-12. But with an ace from Zaytsev the comeback of Lube begins, leaning on the wall (3 on Richlicki) overtaking. Grbic brings down the Luxembourgish and puts in Ter Horst. But the trend does not change and the Lube takes the lead, despite two broadsides by Leon in the service. Perugia suffers the blow and sensationally swerves in the second set. Reception no longer supports Giannelli and Grbic’s team falters dangerously. The Lube wall makes the difference and Simon is towering over the net. Zaytsev, after a phantasmagoric first set, falls but at this point it is Simon who makes the difference, as in the first two games. De Cecco distributes at will. while Perugia also stutters at the beginning of the third set. He is only one set from the abyss, in a season that cannot fail to be disappointing, with only one trophy (the Italian Cup) and only two finals reached, with the defeat of the Champions League left on the night of Trento. This is not the right evening for Sir’s colors either. Which also sinks into the third set. Each point a little more. Until the final apotheosis.

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