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Superbonus 110 sold out: funds already run out – Economy

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Superbonus 110 sold out: funds already run out – Economy

Rome, 11 June 2022 – End of the games. Game over. The resources of the Superbonus 110% are already exhausted. The Treasury chest, in practice, is empty. To sum up the maxi-incentive for building renovations is Enea, the body through which all the practices to receive the subsidy pass. According to the data released yesterday, as of May 31, interventions had already been carried out for a total value of deductions equal to € 33.7 billion in front of an allocation of 33.3 billion over the entire period of time envisaged for the disbursement of the incentives. A period that reaches 2036, since the tax discounts can be spread up to ten years.

Naturally, the figure put in black and white yesterday by Enea is higher than 10% of the total value of the energy efficiency interventions booked by the Italians, since the State reimburses 110% of the expenditure made, that is more than what is actually invested by condominiums or property owners.

In short, it is true that, on paper, taxpayers have until June 30 of this year to book the incentive. With a extension until 31 December – provided for by the Aid Decree – for single-family buildings in the event that at least 30% of the works are completed by 30 September.

Not to mention the exceptions already provided for by the law which extends the possibility of requesting the contribution until 2023 for the Autonomous Institutes of Popular Housing. And even longer extensions are foreseen for the areas affected by the earthquake that hit the regions of Central Italy in 2016. But already today, a few days before the deadline at the end of June, there would be no further resources in the cash register to cope with any requests.

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At this point, the government has only one way: to further refinance the measure. As has already happened before: in fact, there are six different measures between decrees and bills approved, from the spring of 2020, in full pandemic emergency, up to the last Budget Law, to replenish the coffers of an incentive that has registered a real boom from the beginning.

In total, the executive put 33.3 billion on the plate for the entire time frame, that is until 2036, even if most of the funds – over 31.5 billion euros – concern the annuities up to 2028. It is very likely that any refinancing of the Superbonus could enter the next Finance Act. The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, has never hidden his perplexities towards a measure considered one of the workhorses of the Five Star Movement, but which now risks being unsustainable for the state budget.

Also because it adds to the other construction incentives already in place. Such as the Ecobonus, which provide for a deduction ranging from 50 to 65% and which have already committed, up to 2024, resources of over 6 billion euros. In short, there is a serious risk that this time the Superbonus del 110 has really come to an end. Even if in the meantime the State will have to find a way to reimburse all those who have booked the works and perhaps transferred the tax credit to companies or qualified financial intermediaries. Not an easy undertaking.

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