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Supermoto World Championship, in Castelletto the decisive challenge between the big names

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Over the weekend the last round of the world championship with the assignment of the titles The circuit open to the public, tomorrow free practice


The Supermoto World Championship will be decided next weekend of 16 and 17 October, with the last round on the calendar for this hard-fought world championship season, with the arrival of the two-wheeled circus at the Motodromo di Castelletto di Branduzzo, a circuit historically linked to the category. With all the titles still in play, the casting of the drivers is, of course, first-rate, with all the big names ready to compete on the 2,650 meters of track, mixed asphalt and dirt, of the Pavia facility, a technical, complex and fast circuit. . Although, given the current times, it will give just as much satisfaction to see the stands fill up with fans.

Battle on the track

The drivers of three categories will battle on the track: the S1GP, which represents the premier class of the event and contains the roster of world contenders, the S2 class which concerns the race for the European title with as many sliding experts and the S4 European Supermoto Cup. At the top of the S1GP world rankings is German Marc Reiner Schmidt, more determined than ever to win his first world title. He will have to watch his back, however, from his direct pursuer and very difficult “client”: the eight-time French world champion and reigning world champion Thomas Chareyre, only 17 points behind the leader and certainly not willing to give up the scepter. In third position, further behind at 44 points, will be the Austrian Lukas Hollbacher, winner of the last two Grand Prix in Spain and Sestriere and still mathematically in the running for the title.

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The challenge to conquer the S2 and S4 continental titles is also exciting. In S2 the Austrian Andreas Bushberger leads the ranking with 175 points, followed just six points by the French Youry Catherine, determined to fight hard to overturn the slightest disadvantage with which he will present himself at the start of the Pavia race. Third in the standings is another contender not to be underestimated, the Belgian Romain Kaivers, however 20 points behind Bushberger. Fourth place in the general, however, for the first of the Italians, Luca Bozza from Lazio: with 28 points behind the leader, mathematics still considers him in contention. Finally, the S4 class, which will run only on the asphalt track. Leading the dances here is the Abruzzo driver Marco Malone, fresh from the double victory of the heats in the previous Spanish GP: there is no doubt that Malone will give his best to defend the 11-point advantage over Rimini’s Kevin Vandi, and 16 by the Spaniard Alex Ruiz Jimenez.

The program includes free practice and qualifying tomorrow, from 9 to 17; same times, in which the two race heats for each category will be disputed, on Sunday. Admission 15 euros on Saturday, 20 euros on Sunday; free for children under 14 years old.

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