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Swabs to the vaccinated, it is controversy

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From the restoration of the obligation of the outdoor mask to the shortening of the duration of the Green pass, passing through the extension of the vaccination obligation to other categories of workers in contact with the public and tampons to attend particularly crowded events, even if vaccinated. There are many measures that the control room convened by Prime Minister Mario Draghi for next 23 December will have to evaluate. And the hypothesis of swabs for vaccinated people is dividing the scientific community and beyond.

“If Omicron ‘hole’ the vaccine is practically another virus, and then everything can change, even this green pass may no longer be enough”, warns Guido Rasi, consultant for the vaccination campaign of the emergency commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. «We must then start thinking about using tampons in some situations as well. The incoming buffer gives us an advantage of time to complete the third doses », explains Rasi.

The epidemiologist Antonella Viola has a completely different idea: “The request for a tampon from those who are vaccinated and return from European countries not only questions Europe (as rightly pointed out by Macron) but undermines the credibility of vaccination”.

The vaccinated swab for events such as the theater or the cinema «I think it is a blow to those who, by getting vaccinated, have protected themselves and others as well. At this moment it is more correct to assume compulsory vaccination “, says the head of Local Bodies of the Democratic Party Francesco Boccia on the radio, adding:” I think the swabs every time you go to the theater or to the cinema is difficult and also inconsistent “.

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“In these days I hear the most disparate theses, how to put the mandatory tampons to go to the stadium even for those who have received three doses of the vaccine. They are all cosmetic measures ». This was underlined by Matteo Bassetti, head of infectious diseases at the San Martino hospital in Genoa, who spoke at ‘Rotocalco 264’ on Cusano Italia Tv.

“I am very opposed to the hypothesis of swabs to go to the cinema or to the theater or to the restaurant because the main road is the vaccine and I agree with the choice that I believe the Government is taking to reduce the green pass to the duration of the vaccination coverage, we will see how much, 6-7 months “, says the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, on the sidelines of the inauguration of a project on telemedicine in prisons, in the Rebibbia prison, regarding the hypothesis of having to swab, even for those with super green Pass, to access events, restaurants and events.

«Swabs required to go to the stadium? I do not exclude this measure, if it will be done it will be only to protect the health of citizens which is the primary thing for the government “, explains the Undersecretary for Sport, Valentina Vezzali, arriving at the Auditorium in Rome for the ceremony for the delivery of the Collars. Gold.


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