Home Sports TA: Manchester United players questioned the coach’s level of coaching Rangnick often gave himself vacation jqknews

TA: Manchester United players questioned the coach’s level of coaching Rangnick often gave himself vacation jqknews

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TA: Manchester United players questioned the coach’s level of coaching Rangnick often gave himself vacation jqknews

Original title: TA: Manchester United players questioned the level of coaching Rangnick often gave himself vacation

TA: Man Utd players question coach’s level of coaching, Rangnick often gives himself time off

Live it, May 14 News Manchester United did not perform well at the beginning of the season and changed the coach, but after that, the problems and results within the team did not improve much, so the Red Devils also confirmed that Ten Hag will take over next season. TA wrote that Rangnick often missed the team’s training, and the players questioned the coaching level of the coaching team.

The Premier League is about to usher in the final round, so Rangnick is also entering the countdown to coach Manchester United. During the final week of training, the atmosphere across the training ground was described as “pretty bland”.

According to sources, Manchester United’s 4-0 defeat to Brighton was less of a surprise. Because, the pre-match preparations for this game were carried out by Rangnick’s assistants Chris Armas and Ivan Sharp rather than Rangnick himself.

For some time now, the level of coaching has been a topic of discussion among players. Before the match against Brighton, Chris Armas and Ivan Sharp’s pre-match training content only included some running training, set-piece training and intense small games, and did not target Brighton. Sexual deployment and drills. According to sources close to the locker room, players believe the coaching level is far lower than the previous Carrick and McKenna. Rangnick and Manchester United also hoped that the two of them would stay and help the team.

Assistant Sharp, in particular, has struggled with the instructions he’s been given. The 30-year-old graduated from North Park University in Chicago with an MBA in 2017 before spending three years in analytics with the Chicago Bulls. Before joining Manchester United, Sharp spent a month with Rangnick at Lokomotiv Moscow.

Those associated with Manchester United believe that his background and abilities are insufficient to support his work at Manchester United and to meet the training needs of the players. Despite his hard work, players will still have something to say about him.

Rangnick also tried to address these issues and salvage the team’s poor performance. He tried to discuss the future direction with some team leaders and explain some of his personal ideas to them, but he was still unable to determine a stable system and team.

In the game with Liverpool, Rangnick only spent one training session to study the three-back system, but in the face of Liverpool’s 433 formation, the team was obviously overwhelmed.

A source said the execution of every player at United was loose and the team did not do something to improve it. If these problems had arisen on other teams, they would have been collectively called together to figure out how to solve them.

Against Crystal Palace in the final round, Manchester United are also worried that the team may roll over and be unable to participate in the European Cup. And it’s also about the economics of the team, after all, this ranking is 2.2 million pounds worse.

Rangnick also often gave himself vacations. Once, when the players had returned to the Carrington base to start training, Rangnick himself missed a day, and assistants Sharp and Armas were in charge of training. Therefore, the players who were training on the field were very angry with Rangnick’s actions.

Manchester United technical director Fletcher often assists the team in training, trying to help solve various problems. Rangnick’s coaching situation is getting worse and worse, and while he is always open and honest with fans in press conferences and can get some goodwill, such behavior has also caused some players in the team to be unhappy.

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