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Table tennis rackets are also enchanting. Let’s take a look at the fashion “password” of top table tennis players-China News

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Table Tennis Rackets Take Center Stage at 2023 World Cup

The 2023 ITTF Mixed Team World Cup in Chengdu not only showcased the top table tennis talents but also brought with it a wave of innovation and style when it came to the iconic table tennis racket. Gone are the days of the traditional red and black rackets – now, with the lifting of bans on racket colors, players are showcasing an array of vibrant hues and unique designs.

During the second stage of the Mixed Team World Cup, the German team played against the Swedish team in the women’s singles. German player Sabine Winter, ranked 50th in the world, grabbed attention by using a matcha green racket to defeat her opponent with an impressive 11:7 score in the first round. The novelty of a matcha green racket added a fashionable twist to the game and captivated the audience’s attention.

Another standout player at the tournament was Romanian player Bernadette Szokos, also known as the “fashion queen” of table tennis. Szokos, ranked 12th in the world, made waves by bringing a punk pink racket to the competition, complemented by matching light pink nail polish and carefully coordinated jewelry. Szokos takes a unique approach to playing, adding an element of fierce style and elegance to the game.

In line with the shift in style, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has allowed the use of four new rubber colors for rackets since 2021, including pink, purple, green, and blue. This decision has opened the doors for players to unleash their creativity and individuality through their equipment, turning the table tennis arena into a vibrant and diverse space.

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The evolution of table tennis rackets has an interesting history. The red and black standard color scheme has remained unchanged for 37 years, largely due to a specific instance in 1983. Chinese player Cai Zhenhua’s unique use of black rubber on both sides of his racket led to the ITTF implementing a rule that both sides of the racket must be of different colors. This rule remained in place until after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, marking a shift in the association’s historic stance on racket colors.

As the world of table tennis embraces these newfound freedoms, the sport is experiencing a refreshing injection of personality and style on the court. The unique and vibrant rackets are a testament to the evolving nature of the game, combining skill, athleticism, and self-expression.

The presence of colorful rackets and the players’ unique sense of style have added an exciting new dimension to the game. Fans and players alike eagerly await what new and innovative designs will appear next, as the evolution of table tennis continues to unfold in vivid, fashionable hues.

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