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Tactical monotonous Barcelona loss does not change or is out of the Champions League group stage again – yqqlm

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Tactical monotonous Barcelona loss does not change or is out of the Champions League group stage again – yqqlm

Original title: Tactical monotonous Barcelona loss does not change or is out of the Champions League group stage again

Dumfries (third from left)’s penalty is controversial

The Dumfries penalty is indeed controversial, but it is not the only reason for Barcelona to lose. After all, their overall performance is actually not as good as their opponents, although Xavi did not admit this after the game. Anyone who has seen this ball will have some questions about Barcelona’s tactics. Why do they only want to pass the ball to Lewandowski? Why is the team willing to “discuss” the possibility of working at heights with opponents whose overall height in the back line is very outstanding? Do so many biography really make sense?

To be honest, Barcelona has played very well in the domestic league so far this season. They are still the leader of the standings. Whether it is home or away, their performance is fairly stable, but considering the overall strength of the opponent is limited, in fact There are not many teams that can pose a real threat to Barcelona. In the Champions League, they suffered consecutive defeats in the games against Bayern and Inter Milan. In these two games, Lewandowski, who had scored a lot of goals before, suffered consecutive losses. Unexpectedly, “misfire”, no goals appeared.

So is it that Lewandowski can only “abuse vegetables”, or has the team’s overall tactics changed? Judging from the situation reflected in the game, the latter is more likely. Lewandowski’s ability is there, and it is normal for the team to regard it as the core, so he gets more opportunities and gets more trust.

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But for Harvey, in such a level of peak duel, the tactical arrangement cannot be too monotonous. After all, the opponent also has a certain strength. If there is only Lewandowski as an offensive point, even the strongest striker, the tactics are not appropriate. , is also in vain. He will only get caught in the fight with the opponent’s defender time and time again, which consumes a lot of money.

Taking this game as an example, the data after the game showed that Barcelona made 50 crosses in the whole game, but only 11 times were successful, with little effect. Among them, Dembele succeeded 5 times in 24 crosses, Rafinha succeeded 4 times in 10 times, Roberto failed all 5 times, and Alonso succeeded 1 time in 3 times. For a team that relies on passing and controlling football to eat, it is a bit surprising that such a scene appears.

After 3 rounds of matches, Barcelona ranked third in the group with only 3 points, and the qualifying situation was in jeopardy. In the next round, they will exchange home and away games with Inter Milan for a rematch. If Harvey’s team still can’t win the opponent at home, the pressure will undoubtedly be greater in the next two rounds, and they may be out of the game. is also increasing further. Because although the opponents of Barcelona and Inter Milan in the last two rounds are Bilsen Victory and Bayern, Inter Milan is the last round against the Bundesliga giants, and they may have qualified by then, while Barcelona is against Bayern in the fifth round, and Bayern may not have locked the qualifying places. , so the competition is bound to be very fierce.

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From this perspective, the second match against Inter Milan in the next round has become a battle of life and death for Barcelona. If they lose, it is likely to repeat the tragedy of being out of the group last season.

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