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Taking pictures with fans and a surprising series of rookies. No one will take this away from us, says Ostrák about the American dream

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Taking pictures with fans and a surprising series of rookies.  No one will take this away from us, says Ostrák about the American dream

When we spoke before the start of the season, you said that your team didn’t just want to participate. But honestly, did you expect such a good start?

Of course he didn’t expect it. However, since we’ve already started it so well, we want to keep the line as long as possible. Opponents will be thirsty for us and will want to break our streak, but one thing no one will take away from us.

We are the first rookie to win the opening four games. I won’t tell you how many more we will add, but I will say again that we will want high. Right from the start, we proved to ourselves that we have what it takes.

What is it? Where did your magic come from?

Everything came together. The team was already together in the second half of last year and we had two preparatory camps in the winter before the start of the season. We have a perfect service and a trainer we trust.

I understand, South African Bradley Carnell has gained a lot of experience in Germany as a player.

We follow him and do everything he wants us to do. We have gotten to know each other well and know what to expect from each other. I would also like to mention the fans, they are very loud.

St. Louis football fever?

Do they already recognize you on the street?

I’ve already taken a photo twice. It was nice, in America the fans are very friendly. They notice us elsewhere too, I read a few articles. Everyone wrote us off, but we showed that we are a force to be reckoned with.

Got a kick out of the opening shootout win in Austin?

It always comes in handy when you win the first match. Austin is one of the toughest opponents in the competition, we’ve been fighting him for a long time. We were losing 1:2, but we kept pushing and turned it around with a goal in the 86th minute.

Speaking of goals, you’ve already scored one too. At home against San Jose over the weekend, it was a 3-0 win.

The boys complimented me and I was happy that I could help them. I already had a tutu in the second game against Charlotte, but the goalie caught me. It’s nice that the wait for the first goal is over, and now I want to add a few more.

Brazilian Klauss, who is one of the best scorers in the league, has three hits. Deservedly?

Absolutely. Not exactly the typical Brazilian type. Tall, robust, holds the ball… And when he’s in the box, it’s almost always a goal. He has enough experience from Germany or Belgium and he knows how to use it.

Does Major League Soccer live up to the ideas you came to America with?

Meets. I would say that beyond expectations.

By the way, how are you in St. Louis do you spend your free time?

Recently, the weather has not been very pleasant, there was not much to do. The boys and I sometimes go mini-golf or have a coffee, and I also have a few favorite restaurants.

Will you be able to agree there?

My English can definitely be better, but I don’t have a problem most of the time. The waiter sometimes doesn’t understand me with my Silesian accent, but it usually works out the second time. (smiles)

Another pastime comes to mind: what about watching the Bundesliga?

Sure, I’m trying to stay up to date. Especially when the Bundesliga is unexpectedly balanced this season. I will go through the cutscenes and sometimes look at the table in surprise, it will be exciting until the end. I also stay in touch with a few guys from Cologne, although the time difference makes it a bit difficult for us.

Are you in contact with your teammates from the twenty-one team you played in before leaving for the USA? The lion cubs are waiting in Spain for the last two matches before the summer EURO, they play Belgium on Friday and the Netherlands next Monday.

I will try to follow the boys and maybe we will meet again at the European Championship. The season will be played here in America, so it will depend on the club’s decision. Anyway, there is still time for that, maybe Belgium and the general with the Netherlands will work out for the boys.

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