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Tau-Livorno: the race for the ticket, the race for the standings

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Tau-Livorno: the race for the ticket, the race for the standings

Advance to Saturday of the twenty-third day of Serie D group E and the highly rated Livorno arrives in Altopascio with the classic caravan of fans in tow. In the days before the match, the security plan begins for a match that will be played in a sports facility with only three hundred seats available, which is why a solution must be found to avoid creating public order problems. Two hundred tickets are allocated to the guests while the smaller area of ​​the only existing stand is allocated to the local fans given that, rightly so, the home club wants to play in its own facility to avoid giving advantages to a direct competitor for promotion.

Obviously the two hundred tickets are not enough for the guests and in fact they are quickly pulverized and as is easy to predict, there are many who have to give up in the absence of the regular entrance ticket. It is equally obvious that others show up at the gates without tickets and the negotiation with the police to enter is also quite quick, there are no moments of excessive criticality and in the end entry is granted to all those present who, clearly, they completely fill the guest segment. In short, common sense prevails, an aspect that in other latitudes and in other circumstances seems to be lacking, both on the part of those who organize sporting events and on the part of the police forces who often maintain certain positions firm when instead with a fair and collaborative confrontation it would be resolved in painlessly not only the influx of fans into the stadiums but many broader problems.

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The Altopascio sports facility is small but nice and functional, the only grandstand present offers good visibility of the match while the roof is an excellent ally in case of rain. Today, despite the calendar reminding us that we are in the middle of February, the mercury is showing spring temperatures, decidedly above the seasonal average: in fact we can see the first bare torsos, there is not yet the tan that distinguishes the average Livorno but if the climate remains at these levels, this gap will also be filled soon. Beyond the jokes, the guests occupy their entire segment, visually they appear extremely compact and this compactness probably affects the vocal support which in fact is continuous and quite incisive. Moments of silence are extremely rare and the cheering seems to embrace most of those present, who do not fail to offer their support to the team.

Minute of silence at the start of the match to remember the tragedy of construction workers in Florence on the construction site long S, the guests display a banner on the theme which unfortunately follows in thought and words one exposed in the very recent past, which is why it is evident that when we talk about safety in the workplace, there is still a long way to go: despite year after year the numbers of deaths are significant, evidently it is difficult to regulate certain sectors where the phenomenon has tragic contours. And construction is among those that certainly need to be put under the magnifying glass.

The day also lends itself to remembering the anniversary of the birth of the amaranth team, the ultras of the Curva Nord display another banner in this regard, followed by applause from all those present. On the pitch, however, the locals took the lead first, then Livorno overturned the result by scoring two goals and taking home the three points. The euphoria of the Amaranth fans is obvious as they return to dreaming of that first place which was completely unforeseeable only a few Sundays ago. Ranking in hand, in the group there is no real absolute master, between missteps and unexpected victories it is to be believed that the games will be resolved in the last days of the championship.

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