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Tebas against Psg, City and Mbappé: “In football there are no more rules”

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Tebas against Psg, City and Mbappé: “In football there are no more rules”

The president of La Liga has no intention of renouncing the action against Parisians and citizens. The millionaire contracts of Messi, Donnarumma and Ramos are also in the sights

From words to deeds. Indeed to legal actions, directly in France, but also in Brussels. Javier Tebas does not intend to give up the battle against PSG, a symbol with Manchester City of club-states and of a football that is questioning the sporting and economic model that has existed so far. The president of the La Liga thus initiated a series of procedures entrusted to the lawyer Juan Branco of Paris, former lawyer of Julian Assange, who is preparing to contest the three-year renewal of Kylian Mbappé, promised to Real Madrid, but in the end remained to the Psg. And in the viewfinder there are also the contracts of the various Messi, Donnarumma, Ramos.


“We are not angry with Mbappé – explains the lawyer at the press conference – but with a system that does not actually respect the rules, distorting competition”. It is the great battle of Tebas that in the last five years has witnessed the escape from Barcelona first of Neymar and then of Messi, and in the end the renunciation of Real Madrid to the French champion. All players in pink at PSG owned by “the economic entity of Qatar”, which also uses football for geopolitical purposes and circumvents the rules, according to Branco. With the risk of pushing the world of football towards the abyss, between investments without limits, and a flight towards speculation, also fueled by the increasingly substantial entry of funds.

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The legal action is therefore divided into various phases and levels: “First of all – explains Branco – we will formally ask the French Minister of Sport to intervene against the League so that, in the name of the public mission entrusted to it by proxy from the Football Federation, it does not register the Mbappé’s contract. In the event of no response, which is very likely, we take the League to the administrative court and to the Council of State. At the same time we urge the European Commissioner for Competition to monitor compliance with the rules and undertake to harmonize football competition, applying a method of controlling the budgets of joint clubs, on the model of that of La Liga which has brought important results in the last decade. Finally, we will denounce before the European Court the non-compliance with the articles that prevent the abuse of dominant position, falsifying competition and state aid In summary, at each stage we will ask for a simple application one of the laws that would be enough to enforce sporting equity “.


Branco also intends to challenge in the League all the contracts registered by PSG after 25 June 2021, when the emir’s club deposited a forecast budget “which provided for about 200 million proceeds from the sale of players, and instead they sold only one for 7 million “. In short, the contracts of Donnarumma, Ramos, Wijnaldum, Hakimi and Mendes must also be blocked for the lawyer. In addition to that of Messi already disputed a year ago, representing a group of Barcelona members: a procedure still in progress which however allowed Branco to gather useful information to consolidate the new legal action. However, it is unlikely that there will be immediate effects: “I do not expect Mbappé to be prevented from playing in the coming months, but that our maneuver will lead to compliance with the rules at European level, and to provoke a debate on the danger that club-states represent. , to the detriment of the fans who are the ones who pay for everyone “.

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