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Tebas: Real Madrid’s opposition to CVC makes no sense

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Tebas: Real Madrid’s opposition to CVC makes no sense

Original title: Tebas: Huang Sajing’s opposition to CVC makes no sense

Tebas: Real Madrid’s opposition to CVC makes no sense

Live it on September 9. As the chairman of La Liga, Tebas hopes that the Spanish top league can have greater influence. In an interview with Influencers magazine, he talked about topics such as CVC and European Super League.

About your plans for 2024

I will continue to be president of La Liga. I hope our Impulso program with CVC funding will be fully developed because they have elected me to chair the program. We will evaluate the progress of this 15-year plan in five or six years, and I cannot say that I left early in the process of this project.

On Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid against CVC

They have no reason to do so. The problem with the Real Madrid president is that if La Liga gets stronger, the club will get stronger financially, and they will have better players and infrastructure. Under such circumstances, Florentino’s plans will become increasingly unattractive. No matter what Florentino said, the club did not want to destroy the league, and the European Super League will have such a destructive force. Barcelona are following Real Madrid in many things, I won’t comment on Atletico but that’s certainly not where they are.

About CVC

CVC’s plan has been approved and everything is going according to plan. Those clubs that disapprove are left out, although the project benefits each club.

About Ou Chao

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Florentino never lost. Although Ou Chao looked like a failure, he was a winner. Intellectually, the European Super League is dominated by the big clubs in Europe, that’s what Florentino said on Spanish TV 6, and the rest of us here won’t paint any blueprints.

The European Super Project will live on in the minds of Florentino and others, and I don’t think the European Super League is dead. I just believe the European Super League model is dead because the EU has made it clear that they don’t want a ‘super league’ to ruin national leagues. It’s true that you have to improve things, but that doesn’t mean creating a European Championship that will destroy the national leagues.

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