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Teghil Stadium also bewitched in the Cup, Pordenone eliminated in the first round by Imola

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Teghil Stadium also bewitched in the Cup, Pordenone eliminated in the first round by Imola

LIGNANO. Not even in the Italian Cup Pordenone is able to dispel the “curse” of the Teghil stadium: in Lignano the lizards fall in the first round, mocked in full recovery by Imolese, who will face Padua on November 2.

The Emilian team had not won away from home since 16 October last year.

After an initial balance phase, at 20 ′ Piscopo tries to head on a cross from the left by Magnaghi: the conclusion is comfortable in the arms of Molla. At 23 ‘great right of first intention by Magnaghi: the shot, powerful and low, is deflected for a corner by Molla. Attys responds in the 23rd minute with a central shot from distance: Martinez neutralizes in two halves. At 39 ‘great opportunity for the guests: Castellana hits the crossbar on a free kick from the edge: it is the last emotion of the first half.

In the second half the neroverdi return to the field with Zammarini, Biscontin and Dubickas in place of Bassoli, Negro and Piscopo. At 6 ′ opportunity for the hosts: header from a few steps for Biondi, rejected by Molla. Pordenone pushes: at 10 ‘Dubickas tries in the air, but the shot is blocked for a corner by the opposing rearguard.

At 13 ‘Martinez decided low output on Attys: the black-green extreme defender blocks the ball and neutralizes the danger. At 28 ‘good action by Biondi on the right: the low cross is swept into the corner. At 30 ‘right of Magnaghi rejected by the defense of Imolese, at 41’ dangerous right of Giorico just above the crossbar, then two minutes later left on Ingrosso’s flight: Molla relaxes and rejects. When extra time seems inevitable, Imolese passes in the 91st minute: on the development of a corner kick, Fort finds the ball on his feet and beats the extreme neroverde from close range.

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PORDENONE (4-3-1-2): Martinez; Maset, Negro (1 ′ st Biscontin), Bassoli (1 ′ st Zammarini), Wholesale; Biondi, Giorico, Baldassar (34 ‘st Benedetti); Bottani (47 ‘st La Rosa); Piscopo (1 ′ st Dubickas), Magnaghi. Available: Festa, Turchetto, La Rosa, Leggieri, Plai, Berton. Herdsman Di Carlo.

IMOLESE (4-3-1-2): Spring; Scremin, Fort, De Vito, Agyemang; Manfredonia (36 ‘st Milani), Castellano, Faggi (16’ Capozzi); Zanon; Attys (22 ′ st Likendija), Antognoni (1 ′ st Lombardi). Available: Adorni, Pecchia, Diaby. Herds Antonioli.

Referee: Ramondino from Palermo, Landoni from Milan and Montanelli from Lecco. Branzoni fourth official from Mestre.

Markers: in the second half, at 46 ‘Fort.

Note: admonished Giorico, Manfredonia, Faggi, Zammarini, Biondi, Adorni and De Vito. Corners 6-3. Recovery: 0 ′ pt, 5 ′ st.

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