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Terracina-Ossese, Italian Cup: only those who dare to fly

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Terracina-Ossese, Italian Cup: only those who dare to fly

Once the regional finals have been archived, the Italian Amateur Cup (Excellence category) has now entered the national phase, which guarantees a further place in Serie D. On a mild and sunny Wednesday in February Terracina and Ossese therefore challenge each other, who take to the field for the second leg of the round of 16. The two teams start from 0-0 in the first leg match played on Sardinian soil, so the “Colavolpe” match is decisive for going through to the next round.

It’s a midweek day, but the response from the Terracinese public is truly positive: the steps of the facility in via Ceccaccio offer a beautiful sight, which is a worthy setting for this first ever home match for the Tyrrhenians in the national cup. Furthermore, the match between Terracina and Ossese is an unprecedented one: the two teams have never crossed paths, although the Lazio team have challenged some Sardinian clubs in their last two appearances in Serie D.

The visiting team represents the municipality of Ossi, a center of approximately 5,400 inhabitants in the province of Sassari, whose first mention dates back to medieval times, when Sardinia was divided into the four jurisdictions of Arborea, Cagliari, Gallura and Torres (Logudoro). Ossi belonged to the latter district, which gave its name to a variant of the Sardinian language, Logudorese, which together with Nuoro presents more conservative features compared to the other dialects of the island (Sassarese, Gallurese, Arborese and Campidanese, which the Catalan spoken in Alghero and surrounding areas must be added).

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In recent years Ossi has hit the headlines thanks to the incredible rise of its football team, which in the space of a few years has achieved aexciting climb from Second category to Sardinian Excellence. The culmination of this ride was the victory of the Sardinia Amateur Cup, raised to the sky in the final in Oristano on 16 February 2022, which saw Ossese overcome Castiadas. In the subsequent national phase, the Juventus team managed to eliminate two renowned teams such as Civitavecchia and Isernia, but were ousted by Barletta in the semi-finals. The Ossese therefore presents himself at the foot of the temple of Jupiter fresh from the second trophy in his history, stolen, this time, from Sant’Elena.

The Sea Curve, aware of the historical relevance of the match, consequently rallies around the team, with the aim of pushing them to a strongly desired victory. As the teams enter the field the kids from Terracina unroll a banner in which their dreams are condensed: “Only those who dare to fly fly, together until victory”.

At 2.30pm Mr. Bassetti from Lucca then begins the hostilities and the Biancocelesti ultras also begin to cheer, choosing above all long, drum-paced chants, with the banners always moving. A “We want this victory”, to repeat and followed by a nice slap, is the chorus with which the Anxurian ultras indicate to the players on the pitch the objective to be achieved.

However, in the 40th minute it was Ossese who took the lead with Bha, who finalizes a counterattack. The people of Terracino do not let themselves be discouraged and continue to sing. In the first half there is also a banner for Oggiano, a right winger playing for Ossese but with a past in Terracina in the 2013-2014 season. The scoreboard does not change until the forty-fifth minute, so the first part of the match ends with Ossese virtually in the quarterfinals and with the away goal advantage, which in this tournament is worth double.

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In the second half the boys of Sea Curve they immediately raise the decibels, with the aim of providing the players on the pitch with that fundamental push to try to overturn the deficit. The Biancocelesti draw mainly on traditional choirs, which in many cases are sung for many minutes. They also raise a banner and sing a chorus for their distrusted friends.

The efforts of the Tyrrhenian ultras are not in vain: in the 67th minute Terracina, lined up with four attackers, finds the equalizer thanks to a delicious lob from Bellante, which literally makes the “Colavolpe” explode. The people of Terracino, thrilled by the goal, now feel that qualification is not impossible and ask the team to win the victory they dream of so much.

In the 75th minute the episode that decides the double confrontation takes place: Terracina is awarded a penalty kick, scored by Fioretti with a shot that gives the opposing goalkeeper no chance and causes the home crowd to cheer wildly. For the Terracina team, only a final quarter of an hour of suffering remains to be faced, but after six minutes of added time the referee raises the whistle to his mouth and puts an end to the match: Terracina enters, for the first time in its history, the quarter-finals of the Italian Amateur Cup, where they could face Teramo, called to defend the double advantage gained in the first leg match against Alto Casertano within the friendly walls of “Bonolis” on 28 February. Once the match is over, Carlini and his teammates go to gather the applause of the Maretoday protagonist of yet another good performance.

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In the away section there is the presence of some Ossese fans behind the two patches of Relays group (Till death do Us part e Present everywhere). One of the two banners features a snail, the protagonist of the Ossesian culinary tradition, to which a famous festival is dedicated in the summer. Even if they attend the match without cheering, the Bianconeri are certainly to be praised for having faced a very long trip, across the sea, on a midweek day, just as a big round of applause should be given to the ultras of the Sea Curve present in Sardinia on the first leg. Finally, a heartfelt thank you to the Ossi guys for the sticker, a very welcome gift to be treasured.


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