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«Terrorism not excluded»- breaking latest news

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«Terrorism not excluded»- breaking latest news

At least five dead in Sydney, Australia, after an attack in the large Westfield shopping center in Bondi Junction, according to local police. The attacker, who is seen running with a knife in his hand in videos circulating online, was killed by the police.

The shopping center extends over six levels. It has been closed and the police have asked people to stay away from the area: a large-scale operation is underway. A terrorist motive has not been ruled out, even if the reasons for the attack, the authorities specify, are not yet clear.

Eight injured people were taken to hospital. It all happened in a very short time, some witnesses say.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from the structure, while according to the US broadcaster ABC two people remained stuck inside.

Among the injured was also a newborn baby

The Australian television channel Channel 9 reports that there is also a nine-month-old baby among those attacked in the shopping centre: he was transported to hospital together with his mother.

The emergency number for Italians in Australia

The Farnesina and the Italian embassy in Australia «are monitoring the situation in Sydney, in collaboration with the local authorities. Minister Antonio Tajani is following the evolution.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs writes this in a post on

– «The attacker was alone, the motive is not clear»

“From the preliminary investigations it would appear that this person acted alone,” the local police explained during a press conference. The authorities also stated that at the moment there is no clarity on the motive: “There is nothing that we are aware of at the scene that would indicate a motive or an ideology,” Deputy Commissioner Anthony Cooked, the who, when asked by a journalist whether the police ruled out terrorism, said: “We don’t rule anything out.”

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“Panic immediately broke out”

Eyewitnesses said panic broke out at the scene, with people running for safety. Several people took refuge in a supermarket, where they remained for about an hour. Security camera footage broadcast by local media showed a man running through the mall with a large knife and injured people lying on the floor.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was informed by the federal police. “The first thoughts of all Australians go to those involved and their families,” he wrote on X.

The Prime Minister of New South Wales: «I am shocked»

The interim Australian Prime Minister of New South Wales, Penny Sharpe, said she was “shocked”: “My thoughts and those of the New South Wales Government are with the victims, their families and first responders at this time, so as for those who may have witnessed these horrific events,” he said in a statement. “I receive regular updates from NSW Police and emergency services, as well as the Department of the Premier.”

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