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Tesser’s comeback with Modena is second behind Reggiana

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The portal “Il Calcio Latino” remarked on the qualities of the former neroverde


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They also noticed it outside the region. Attilio Tesser, having ended his adventure with Pordenone in the worst way, is taking his beautiful revenge in Modena. The Il Calcio Latino portal spoke about it on Sunday morning when the former Pordenone coach found himself alone at the top of the Serie C championship standings for a few hours, before Reggiana made the counter-overtaking by winning on the Imolese field. «He decided to restart from Serie C at the age of 63 – reads“ Il Calcio Latino ”-. In silence. He who won it three times, who coached the most beautiful Pordenone ever: he brought him to Serie B and transformed Pobega and Ciurria up to an incredible promotion to A. And without forwards ». Well, not really, it should be pointed out. Squeezing in that extraordinary season his (eight goals) he had done before getting injured and miss the play-offs. «When they got him a center forward as good as Diaw – writes“ Il Calcio Latino ”again – in the middle of the championship he took him to the top of the scorer rankings (18 games and 10 goals). But at that point Diaw was sold to Monza (18 games and only one goal, note the differences). Here the roads of Pordenone and Tesser have clamorously, but perhaps inevitably, divided. Right now Pordenone is last at three points with three coaches in three months: it could be a record … when three is the perfect number. At Modena, in mid-October, mister Tesser was less than 8 from the first place, albeit with one more game, today only in the lead ». For a few hours, as we have already mentioned, but the substance does not change.

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We no longer enter into the merits of the question of whether it was right or not to exonerate Tesser in that way, also because the facts proved the Lovisa right as Domizzi stayed in Serie B. It is correct, however, to point out the qualities of Tesser, definitely the best coach in black-green history. On April 3, the day of the exemption, almost everyone, including this newspaper, spoke of a lack of gratitude on the part of the club. No surprise, in football it doesn’t exist. As it is not surprising of the bitterness confessed by Tesser in seeing Pordenone down there at the bottom of the ranking. They may have left badly, but Attilio will remain tied to the black-green square forever. Because he made history there. –

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