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Test the water to break through the Football Association ban?The Hebei team moved to Datong, Shanxi.

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Test the water to break through the Football Association ban?The Hebei team moved to Datong, Shanxi.

Original title: Test the water to break through the Football Association ban?The Hebei team relocated to Datong, Shanxi, and moved in with a bag

On the morning of September 8th, Beijing time, Hebei Football Club officially announced to the public that it will set the league home in Datong, Shanxi, and all the remaining home games this season will be held at the Datong Sports Center. Hebei Football Club and Datong Cultural Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd After the formal signing, the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in many aspects.

Not only that, the base camp for daily training and life of the Hebei team will also be moved to the local Huizhi Innovation City in Datong. Datong Transformation Huizhi Innovation City is a first-class innovation eco-city built by Datong City. It includes South and North Gardens, 58 talent apartments and 2,614 sets of hardcover rooms. The basic living utensils and living facilities in the apartment are readily available. This means that although the Hebei team is registered under the name of the Hebei Football Association, it has actually achieved remote operation.

Hebei team set up Datong at home to make a steady profit without losing

After the Hebei team relocated to Datong, the Datong Culture and Tourism Bureau will carry out in-depth cooperation with the Hebei team. During the team’s home game in Datong, Datong Culture and Tourism promised to bear the Hebei team’s home game expenses and the team’s clothing, food, housing and transportation. cost. These two items alone will save tens of millions of yuan in capital investment for teams and clubs. In addition, the ticketing revenue and advertising revenue of the team’s home court will be owned by Datong Cultural Tourism, but the Hebei team will receive a certain share in proportion. For the Hebei club, this is a “stable profit without loss” deal.

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As we all know, the Hebei team has been in a difficult situation in the last two seasons and has been struggling. Last season, the office was blocked because it could not pay the water, electricity and heating bills. The travel expenses of the team to the stadium were also paid by the old players. The club has made every effort to promote equity reform, but with little effect. This season, the team hoped to return to Langfang’s home court, but due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, it was finally settled. According to insiders, even if the Langfang home court can be restarted, the Hebei team cannot afford the high usage fee for the time being.

In recent years, Hebei Club has also been committed to intensive cultivation at the level of business development to expand the club’s living space. There were rumors last season that the club communicated with Tangshan Cultural Tourism, hoping to complete the equity transformation and realize the upgrade of the corporate strategy. The club’s home will also be moved from Langfang to Tangshan, a city with a stronger economy. However, the contact between the two sides was shelved for various reasons.

Hebei team member Zhang Junzhe matches

The relocation of the home game to the north of Datong has a direct relationship with Hebei team player Zhang Junzhe. Zhang Junzhe is a local in Datong. Because he grew up as a professional player and played in the Chinese Super League, he is also quite famous in the local football circle in Datong. It was through Zhang Junzhe’s relationship this time that the Hebei team was able to connect with Datong Cultural Tourism and finally reached an agreement.

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From this, the official announcement of Hebei Football Club specifically mentioned: “Hebei team’s first home game will be played on October 4 against the Cangzhou Lions. This is not only the first time that Datong and even Shanxi Province have hosted the Chinese Super League, It is also the first time for Hebei team Datong player Zhang Junzhe to compete in the professional league in front of his hometown parents.”

According to the strategic cooperation agreement signed by the two parties, the cooperation between Hebei team and Datong Cultural Tourism will continue until the end of this season. In the future, although the two parties are inclined to cooperate for a long time, because there are many variables, both parties are currently adopting a relatively open attitude. The so-called variables include league policies, the Chinese Football Association’s ban on relocation and so on.

Judging from the current situation, the Hebei team has a high probability of being relegated to the Chinese League this season. This season, the Chinese League One has adopted the game system so far. Many Chinese League One clubs have stated that they cannot afford the costs related to the home and away competition system because of operational difficulties. There is currently no clear statement on whether the Chinese League One will resume home and away games next season. If the tournament system is continued, the cooperation between Hebei and Datong will not be able to continue. If the home and away games can be resumed, the two sides are still very interested in continuing to cooperate.

The relocation policy is expected to be adjusted in the future

As we all know, according to the relevant policies of the Chinese Football Association, professional league clubs are not allowed to transfer to other places. However, considering the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control, after the league resumes the home and away game system this season, the Chinese Football Federation (in preparation) allows some balls that do not have the conditions to host the game. The team chooses a third-party home. The Hebei team took advantage of such a special policy to move the home court to Datong. However, compared with Shenhua, Haigang and other clubs, the Hebei team has directly placed the base camp of the first team in Datong, Shanxi, more or less, it has obvious meaning of “remote operation”.

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In fact, in recent years, due to the deterioration of the ecological environment of the league, many clubs have been struggling to survive. They all hope that the Chinese Football Association will release the ban, so that the team can find a way to survive through relocation. In fact, the Chinese Football Association has also considered this. It is reported that as soon as the end of this year, the Chinese Football Association is expected to loosen the ban on relocation in different places, and low-level China League Two clubs are expected to be the first to be allowed to relocate.

The Hebei team moved to Shanxi in the form of a third-party home game. If it can achieve a win-win cooperation with Datong, it is also a positive attempt to break through the ban on relocation in different places, and it will also provide an important factual basis for future football coordination and adjustment policies. (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu, see more


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