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Thai National Football Coach Jankovic Confident Ahead of World Cup Qualifiers

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Chinese National Football Team Confident as World Cup Preliminaries Begin

The Chinese national football team is gearing up to face off against the Thai team in the first round of Group C of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in the Asian top 36. The team’s head coach, Jankovic, expressed his confidence and excitement about leading the players in this important competition.

Jankovic, who took office at the beginning of this year, sees the World Cup qualifiers as a crucial event for the team. He stated, “This eight-month competition is about to begin. The Chinese team is ready and all the players are excited and motivated.”

The Chinese team is in the same group as South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore, and the top two in each group will advance to the top 18. The first opponent, the Thai team, has been a formidable challenge for the Chinese team in recent years. Despite doubts about the team’s strength, Jankovic emphasized that the team is focused and ready to face this challenge.

In response to a question about the decrease in the number of naturalized players in the Chinese team compared with the previous cycle, Jankovic highlighted that all players, regardless of their background, represent the Chinese team with honor.

International footballer Wu Xi, who also attended the press conference, expressed the team’s anticipation for the game and hopes to deliver a great performance for the fans.

The Chinese national football team’s journey to the World Cup kicks off with high hopes and determination as they set their sights on securing a spot in the prestigious tournament.

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