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that worrying desire to overdo it – breaking latest news

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that worrying desire to overdo it – breaking latest news
Of George Terruzzi

Four riders injured in just one weekend should trigger an alarm in MotoGP, which is too frantically chasing F1. The Sprint Races cause an acceleration of the format and a spasmodic search for adrenaline

A hyperbole of risk. Four riders injured in just one weekendthe first, should trigger an alarm in MotoGP, taken to chasing F1 a little too frantically.

Show, show, show. Of course, this is the imperative, this line, also graphic, given the emulations, even in the presentation theme song, with the introduction of the Sprint Race on Saturday for the 21 race weekends (compared to 6, out of 23 GPs, of F1), including the inaugural one that has just closed in Portugal, with new bikes on the track and many champions who have changed teams.

An acceleration of the format, accompanied by the out-of-control frenzy of too many protagonists, which does not seem to take into account how much the physical exposure of motorcyclists is much higher than that of their colleagues on four wheels. Falls, fractures, bruises are a norm that this doubling of competitive stress in a weekend compressed between tests, qualifications and two competitions could make dramatic.

A search for adrenaline that infects the pilots and doesn’t seem to produce a reflection on the recipe. Of course, the request emerges to penalize more severely those who drive and make mistakes – a chronic problem of motorcycling – in the face of certain excesses. A desire to overdo it, also induced by the acceleration of each procedure. Yes, but it’s one thing to punish, another thing to prevent. If security is indeed an imperative, perhaps we are beyond a minimum safeguard. Thinking of the conditions of many tracks and the criticality in which the pilots will seek confidence on tracks – unlike Portimao – where they have not carried out tests.

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The need to recover popularity after Valentino’s retirement, after Marquez’s absences, with Quartararo in technical difficulty, is legitimate. On the other hand, Bagnaia is becoming a winning symbol despite positioning himself as an anti-hero, surrounded by worthy adversaries. The first on the list, Bastianini and Marquez, are already knocked out. We point this out thinking of a challenge to be protected and not to be exhausted as the balance sheet of the debut shows.

March 26, 2023 (change March 26, 2023 | 19:10)

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