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That’s where Leo Messi will play

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That’s where Leo Messi will play

Leo Messi leaves PSG and Europe and goes to play in MSL with Inter Miami. The 35-year-old Argentine star will say goodbye to Paris Saint Germain on 30 June upon expiry of the two-year contract signed in 2021 and will move to the Major League Soccer franchise in the US. Messi will therefore not join the patrol of stars who have accepted the crazy offers of Saudi Arabia first Cristiano Ronaldo and now Benzema and Kantè. The “Pulce”, who would have obtained a record contract in Arabia, preferred the city of Miami since has properties and businesses in Florida and thinks the logical process of adjusting might be easier for his family. Messi’s arrival in Florida, on the other hand, is one extraordinary spot in view of the World Cup which the US will organize together with Canada and Mexico in 2026.

“I’ve decided I’m going to Miami”

I’ve decided I’m going to Miami. I haven’t reached a 100% agreement yet, there are just a few details missing: my journey will continue there”, the announcement of the Ballon d’Or. “After winning the World Cup and after not being able to return to Barcelona, ​​the moment of go to the United States to experience football in another way and to enjoy everyday life more. Of course, always with the same responsibility and with the desire to play well and do things the right way,” she told Sport World. According to the network Espnthe contract also includes the option that Messi becomes shareholder and co-owner of the franchisemanaged by David Beckham.

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“I really wanted to go back to Barcelona”

Il I dream to go back to Barcelona and put the shirt back on blaugrana it did not materialise. “The truth is, of course I really wanted to, I would have been very excited to be able to returnbut, on the other hand, after experiencing what I experienced and the exit I had, nI didn’t want to be in the same situation again: wait to see what would happen and leave my future in someone else’s hands, so to speak. I wanted to make my decision, thinking about myself, about my family.”

“I expected the adventure in Paris to end differently”

“I feel good, calm, having already finished the season. It was an atypical year for having played in the middle of the World Cup. He made sure that everything was different,” she says, leaving PSG” with mixed feelings. The truth is that the first year was very difficult, as I have said on occasion, for several reasons. The second year, the first six months I felt very good, very comfortable in the club, in the city, with my family. In between was the World Cup and I think the World Cup marked all the teams in general, it marked the season a bit. I expected the Paris adventure to end differentlybut it was two years, which, in general, were difficult for me, now they are behind me”.

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